Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Thread

Thread on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Please post on this thread instead of creating new threads on his campaign which are overwhelming the forum.

I hope these passions are temporary, all countries should have their patriotism

many disturbing photos with this story
Donald Trump Protests in Fresno, San Diego Get Violent

Trump has no chance of being elected.

Why even waste time protesting him? :shrug:

He also had no chance of becoming the Republican nominee around this time last year :rolleyes:

This will be a good place for all the different stories about such things as when Donald Trump forgot his milk money in second grade and had to borrow a dine.


Donald Trump is the next President of the United States.

I’m a Trump supporter.

I will probably end up voting for Trump. I say this as a Mexican-American.

That is true, but I do believe that now that the whole country is actually watching and hearing him. His train will derail.

Basically what you are saying is every Catholic is morally obligated to vote for Donald Trump

No not at all, basically what I’m saying is the Democratic party is diametrically opposed to the Catholic Church. :shrug: You mean I wasn’t clear? :slight_smile:

That is what you are saying. Your just not shooting straight.


What’s a dine?

I’m sure it’s a typo for “dime”.

He borrowed a chocolate bar?

I must say, I am no fan of Trump but the picture in post 2 of people with that banner is irksome as well. As is the T-Shirt one of the guys is wearing with the words, “Donald Tramp”, on it. Pretty childish stuff.

Seems kind of fitting since Donald can be pretty childish himself sometimes.

I am a trump supporter but I love to read all the comments for and against. It’s very interesting. Peace.

I’m an intransigent #NeverTrump #NeverHillary type. I find them both utterly unworthy of the office of President of the US. I will vote either third party or write-in. I simply will not vote for one of two evils.

I must say if I were American this would tend to reflect my own outlook watching the two of them. I would not for a moment buy Trump and his views on abortion which seem curiously to move about like a cat with a thorn in it’s paw. Hillary Clinton has a style I find toxic.

It depends on the issue but then where does that leave us in terms of voting options?

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