Donald Trump Pulls Press Credentials for The Washington Post


The presumptive GOP presidential nominee has blasted the media almost daily since announcing his bid for the White House.

Donald Trump on Monday announced over social media his campaign is pulling press credentials for The Washington Post.

“Based on the incredibly inaccurate coverage and reporting of the record setting Trump campaign, we are hereby revoking the press credentials of the phony and dishonest Washington Post,” Trump said in a Facebook post.

This morning the WP had a headline stating : “Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting”

Other Trump uncredentialed news orgs include: Wash Post, Politico, BuzzFeed, Huff Post, Daily Beast, DM Register, Union Leader, Univision, & Fusion


Mr. Trump takes appropriate action and that is a good sign!


Oh brother! :rolleyes:

I felt that Trumps post Orlando statements were totally narcissistic. Fifty people dead and another fifty injured and all he could think to say was “see I told you so,” “let’s ban all Muslims from immigrating,” and “it’s all Obama’s fault.” SO childish. A simple speech of sympathy would have been appropriate. Not using the opportunity to further his campaign. :nope:


To be fair, he didn’t say he was banning all Muslims from immigrating in his speech today. The speech is here:


Hmm, I guess freedom of the press doesn’t matter anymore?


Back on topic of the press and not allowing some of the hostile press into your press conferences. That could be a two edged sword. We know in the past Republicans didn’t fare so well when they let the press in. Can’t see how they could fare worse not letting the opposition press in at all. In fact, it may lead to some in the press thinking twice before blasting inaccurate headlines across their banners in the future. The WP, NYT and LAT can hardly afford to not to have access. Trump really has the ball in this game.

Just my 2-cents.


Has nothing to do with freedom of the press. It has to do with if you want to help the opposition or not. Abe Lincoln didn’t let the opposition press into the White House either unless he thought he could use them for one errand or another…


I think the allegedly conservative Fox news has been pretty biased against Mr Trump.


A simple speech of sympathy

Did he give his regards to the dead and innocent killed??? :confused: What did he say and who is the arbiter of a appropriate sympathy speech. I see the same with Obamas tamed reluctant response. :shrug: What did I miss? :confused:


Gee. I wonder why? Maybe because there is something worth being against in Mr Trump?!?!?!


Oh boy! It looks like we’ll be in the minority here too! :smiley:


The right thing would have been to wait a week or so before re-entering the political circus ring and not using the tragic event for personal gain!


Did anyone check if that really was the WP headline? I did. And here is the actual headline, direct from the WP website:

Donald Trump seems to connect President Obama to Orlando shooting

The WP headline was much weaker than the supposed

“Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting”

Why do you suppose the words were changed? Could it be that the original words did not sound bad enough? I think if anyone is going to criticize the WP, they ought to at least quote the WP correctly.

If you read the whole article here, you can decide for yourself if it was “incredibly inaccurate coverage and reporting”, as Trump says. For those who think Trump was right, please quote the gross inaccuracy in the WP article that justifies that assessment. Or was the WP article merely an unflattering report of a truly disgusting campaign?


“Seemed to suggest” or not, I am on Trumps side on this one. It was irresponsible for the WP to use that as a headline. And for them to then demand that the campaign give them special “news reporter” access so they can continue to bash the campaign is a weak position. It makes sense for Trump to show strength at this point in the campaign.

After all, who runs national campaigns? The campaigns or the press? Too many times in the past, for Republicans, it was the press.


Why was it irresponsible for them to report the truth?


Because when you take something someone says out of context and pounce on it, it shows bias. Which, of course, the WP has against Trump. So if they want to play that way, and it seems they do, then Trump is within his rights to not cater to them.


So be specific. What did WP take out of context that did not mean the same thing as it did in context?


Maybe just time to bring it back to reporting instead of advocating…

Washington Post assigns 20 staffers to investigate Donald Trump.


From the Washington Post:

The story was the most-read on The Post’s website at the time. Its original headline, which Trump accurately cited in his Facebook post, was changed after about an hour.

They admit it was their original headline. If the coverage isn’t biased then why change it?


There’s this nugget:

In addition to its daily news coverage of Trump, The Post has a team of reporters and editors engaged in writing a book about Trump’s life and business career that will be published this summer.

One wonders if they’re also working on a book on Hillary?

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