Donald Trump renews support for waterboarding at Ohio rally: 'I like it a lot'

From today’s Guardian:

Donald Trump offered renewed support on Tuesday for the use of torture while repeatedly comparing a proposed free trade agreement to rape.

Trump, who has often praised the use of waterboarding and has spoken positively about alleged war crimes committed by American troops, said at a campaign rally, “We have to fight fire with fire”, after referencing the penchant for beheadings by Isis.

The presumptive Republican nominee claimed that while the terrorist group committed a range of atrocities including beheadings and drowning prisoners, the US was afraid to even use waterboarding. In Trump’s opinion, this left Isis believing that the US was weak and stupid and it needs to “fight so viciously and violently” to combat the threat.

Trump also renewed his praise of waterboarding, which was banned by the Bush administration in 2006 as both potentially illegal and ineffective. “What do you think about waterboarding?” Trump asked the crowd. They cheered as he gave his answer: “I like it a lot. I don’t think it’s tough enough.”

I’m sure someone will explain what he really meant to say shortly.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard someone say that they like waterboarding or see it as a good thing. Usually it’s seen as a necessary evil of sorts, not something to be celebrated. What kind of man likes to see people in pain?

It’s just tough talk and bravado to show the gullible public how strong a Trump presidency would be.

Boris and Donald shall be tramps across the pond and we all know what they say about women deemed to be tramps. We are left voting for these people because of our system and due to the surfeit of mediocracy

Candidates are always a reflection of the people who vote for them. People in the US are full of anger, narcissism, escapism and foolishness.

IMO, it’s, partly, a reaction to a two party system in which both parties only care about protecting their (each others) power.

Torture is never necessary, and always evil.

It’s weird that someone could claim to like torture. I could see the necessity in keeping some forms of torture on the table for extreme cases, but like it? Nah.

People in the U.S. are also tired of an entwined establishment that never seems able to do anything other than increase regulations on their businesses and behavior, and charge them more for it to boot.

Nobody could seriously doubt that this country is adrift. Since the current establishment took over (and I include Repubs in that) the Middle East has gone to a battleground between Sunni extremists and Shiite extremists, with Christians being slaughtered without anyone so much as turning a hand to stop it. The Russians have taken what? about a fourth of Ukraine, threaten the Baltic states, and nobody did anything. Egypt was handed over to terrorists, as was Syria. The U.S. started a war on Libya, ran guns from there to terrorists in Syria for a time, got an ambassador killed, lied about it, then turned Libya over to terrorists as well.

The economy is propped up by effectively negative interest rates that help the carry trade on Wall Street, but threatens a bubble that will take a bit out of peoples’ retirement funds when the inevitable happens. The job growth has never reached the population increase number, real wages have declined, and nobody does anything.

Health insurance is unaffordable for almost everybody; some are subsidized to pay it and some aren’t. Nearly a trillion dollars of “stimulus” disappeared without a trace anyone can see. The deficit has nearly doubled in the last eight years, and the military is in decline.

The Dem candidate is utterly corrupt, promotes abortion on demand and sells influence. She aided the terrorist takeovers in the Middle EAst and North Africa and then lied about the latter.

And we’re supposed to be happy about all of that?

He probably meant just what he said. I doubt there’s any mystery to it.

Trump’s comments, indeed his entire candidacy, are terrible and indecent.

I agree 100%. If I could agree more I would.

Great summation of things. :thumbsup: I think the anger or frustration is warranted. I also think the things you mention are a result of the government not being able to ‘untie the knot’ without losing the power they have gained by creating so many ‘offices’ and ‘situations’.

This thread is now about me!

In World War Two, millions of soldiers became prisoners of war. Near the end of the war, rocket scientist von Braun and others took action to ensure that they would be captured by the US military rather than by the USSR military.

In Vichy France, members of the Resistance were captured, and of course they didn’t wear uniforms identifying themselves as members of a military. Does that mean that they were fair game, when captured by the occupying power, for torture to extract some information, quickly followed by an inevitable capital punishment? Well, their incentive would be to die fighting if they had reason to believe that they would not survive capture.

If you believe that the person who is being interrogated has told you a lie, then do you apply torture? The problem is that if you are wrong, then the incentive is for the person to try to guess what you believe, and not to tell you the truth. In fact, telling the truth to you becomes not merely useless, but dangerous if there is a conflict between the truth and what the interrogator believes.

The US government should create an incentive for combatants who fight for Isis to want to be captured by the US military.

It’s hot and dry in Iraq, but not hot enough or dry enough to make waterboarding attractive to combatants who fight for Isis. Trump should be talking about cool showers followed by access to swimming pools. Trump should be talking about ice cream and chocolate for prisoners of war.

There’s a Forbes list of the 400 Richest Americans. For some reason, it expresses wealth in terms of number of US dollars. How wealthy are they in terms of something meaningful, like ounces of chocolate?

Trump should be boasting about how many Giga-ounces or Tera-ounces of chocolate he can buy for prisoners of war, not threatening them.

Were the rules of the Geneva conventions intended to be applied unilaterally, or would they require all parties of a conflict to sign on before they are considered legitimate?


You have an aloof administration who many feel are out of touch with reality and are not capable of contending with our nations security and foreign policy, We listen to rubbish from these people daily as we did today with Obama and of late with Kerry. We expect transparency and honesty. Obama said he doesn’t involve himself in others elections. But thats not true either. Neither do we have transparency with our present conflicts as you have to read 10 different m-e news sources to know what America is doing with war and isis. We have issues and they are growing.

Yes torture been back in the news, we been waiting to hear Obamas response about torture and execution in Iraq also.

“Look, we have challenges with Iran as everybody knows and we are working on those challenges,” Kerry told reporters. “But I can tell you that Iran in Iraq has been in certain ways helpful, and they clearly are focused on ISIL-Daesh [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL], and so we have a common interest, actually,”

Yes we all know.

Some of the militias constituting the Popular Mobilization Forces have been accused of war crimes motivated by sectarian revenge: according to Amnesty International, Shiite militias have abducted, tortured and killed numerous Sunni civilians

Gen. Abdul Karim al-Zuhairi, a security commander concerned with coordination with the Popular Mobilization Units, told Al-Monitor, “The US shift toward the Popular Mobilization Units came after it realized that it has lost a presence in the region and learned about the Popular Mobilization Units’ huge popularity. This is added to the support for these units by Iran, which is one of the most important regional actors.”

Some of the Iraqi Sunni forces have been against the participation of the Popular Mobilization Units in the battle to liberate Fallujah, protesting that the militia would commit human rights violations as it had done last year in the city of Tikrit in the Salahuddin province.

Although this rejection might be based on sectarian concerns, there have been reports and evidence of these violations.

Iraqi activists posted videos online showing the group’s forces attacking civilians in Fallujah. A video posted by Sunni activists on YouTube showed a man wearing a military uniform beating a group of civilians with a rod, commanding them to proclaim that the “people of Fallujah are cowards.”

Another video shows a group of civilian men in distress, some of them bloodied and lying on the ground, perhaps unconscious. Then members of the Popular Mobilization Units accuse them of being affiliated with IS before attacking them.

In a TV report broadcast on the Saudi al-Arabiya TV on June 6, a Fallujah resident in his 60s said he was part of a group taken by the Popular Mobilization Units by car from the Karma district to Saqlawiyah and beaten.

Nobody on CAF has yet defined “torture” though. So, at present, and on here, it’s just whatever anybody thinks it is, or isn’t. The Church doesn’t have a definition.

Looks like Obama is contracting out the torture.

Waterboarding is 100% torture.

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