Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage By Secret Service During Rally


Seems to be a developing story, with not much known at this time.


Probably a disturbance by the Clinton team’s hired thugs.


There was chat about “shoot him”. Could be hired assassin? Anything’s possible in this election.


Possible protester with a gun


:rolleyes: If you’re playing that game, in that case, or a disturbance planned by the Trump team. The SS would react properly and then DT could return to the cheers of his adoring followers. Not that I believe either scenario.


I read a great tweet earlier.HC holding a rally at a Katy Perrty concert, draws a crowd of 10,000
Donald Trump holding a rally with himself and a Flag draws a crowd of11,000;):thumbsup:


I think he had four rallies today. This man doesn’t rest. His work ethic alone should elect him over hillary or Obama, who plays way too much golf and keep campaigning for hillary instead of working.


Takes more than a disturbance for that. Poor Trump, and those attending that rally, I hope he and everyone else stays safe and his security forces stay alert and vigilant.

God Bless You

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He had four rallies today in four different states. Five rallies tomorrow. Go Trump!


Obama plays golf because he doesn’t own a ranch in Texas.


Wonder how Trump would feel about stricter gun laws had some lunatic been threatening him with one…


Man at heart of Trump scare. Austyn Crites, 33, “registered Republican” and “business guy” from Reno who’s been campaigning for Mrs Clinton.


he still could have been hired, but he is one of the never Trumpsters. I just don’t understand these people. Never Trump, but okay for someone who has compromised national security, not followed procedure with her servers and emails, the Clinton Foundation is under investigation, pay for play scandals and stuff going back 30 years which have proved her not to be trustworthy and certainly not competent or deserving to be president. I just don’t get it!


One of the “never trumpers” works for a magazine I like.

They sent me a renewal notice.

I sent it back … declined to renew … and wrote that they are idiots.

Another of “them” … is now in my permanent spam file.


Seems like the “never Trumpsters”,regardless of their political affiliation,resent Trump more because he is the non politician.Also,the level of corrupt ness of establishment politicians,apparently doesn’t matter either!:frowning:


Good point! :wink:


“THEY” wanted a non-politician.

“THEY” got their wish.

[As you said … “doesn’t matter”.]


You can spend all day making a list of potential threats … and you end up hiding all day under your bed.


Not all “Never Trumpers” are by default voting for Hillary. Quite a few of us here on CAF refuse to vote for either of these “lovelies.” :wink:


Or you could have one less tragic teenage death due to gun crime. Like my dear neice! :frowning:

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