Donald Trump’s deportation machine is already in place. It just needs to be turned on



Donald Trump’s deportation machine is already in place. It just needs to be turned on.

The Trump administration is almost certainly going to be more aggressive in arresting and deporting unauthorized immigrants than any presidency has ever been.It’s something Trump’s people want to spend political capital doing. Immigration enforcement makes up a big component of the administration’s plan for its first 100 days. It’s hired Kris Kobach — who’s come up with proposals including the “show me your papers” state laws Arizona and other states have tried to pass and an interstate compact to give special birth certificates to US-born children of unauthorized immigrants so a future federal government could strip them of citizenship — to its transition team.
But it doesn’t even need to do anything that creative or unprecedented.
Even if every single Trump administration proposal to change immigration law or policy somehow gets blocked (which, given the amount of authority the executive branch has over immigration, is unlikely), it could still do more to go after unauthorized immigrants than anyone’s ever done before.

Donald Trump doesn’t have to implement any unprecedented immigration policy to create an unprecedented immigration *regime. *He could just use the precedents the last two presidents created for him.
Both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations created powerful tools for apprehending and deporting immigrants. It’s just that no one’s ever used them together.
The Obama administration was already more aggressive about immigration enforcement than many people realize. Obama set deportation records during his first term, deporting 400,000 people a year. Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents had relatively free rein to catch and deport immigrants — and easy access to local jails to pick up immigrants who’d come in contact with local police. Many of those deported were labeled “criminals” because they’d been pulled over for broken taillights or arrested for minor offenses like selling illegal phone cards.
Trump could bolster the impact of Obama’s efficient deportation machine by bringing back tactics from the Bush era — workplace and neighborhood raids and roving “task forces” of local police officers. And by rejecting Obama’s policy of setting “priorities” for which immigrants to deport, he could restore the Bush administration’s ability to make every unauthorized immigrant in the US feel equally targeted — and equally at risk of deportation at any time.


Well it wouldn’t take much to be more aggressive than the Obama Admin which tied the hands of ICE.


Source of this information?


Link top left… Vox


The USGOV has known for years about the border. It has chosen to let it pass because to seal it, which has been possible long since, would lead to revolution in Mexico. That in turn would cost this country far more than tolerating the migration.

Migrants are not taking jobs from Americans. Americans have not been lining up to pick fruit, etc. Migrants take jobs that otherwise go unfilled and this keeps prices down.

DT has to do something, because he has said so much, but in the end not much will be done that is nonsymbolic.



Thanks, but what is Vox?


I suspect ultimately you will be correct. The scapegoating will continue but in the end little will change now the business of actually governing begins. That will require a rather different approach than the hyperbolic statements and showmanship seen thus far. I suspect many of Trump’s supporters will ultimately come to see him as merely another politician, which is of course what he was all along, just one who was a very good salesman.


Is another name for what’s being called the “Donald Trump deportation machine” simply “the law?” We used to be a nation of laws around here, laws which, if found inappropriate, were duly changed, not simply ignored because they were inconvenient.


Hopefully those who have already committed violent crimes would be the ones to get deported.

He promised a wall and immigration reform.

Perhaps he’ll start a legal path for migrant workers to be documented while strictly regulating who comes in or leaves.

Wouldn’t this appease everyone?


Well said; :thumbsup:


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If deportations are considered on a case-by-case basis, where deportations of known violent criminals is given a higher priority than a hard-working member of a family, then yes, I think it could appease almost everyone.


migrants do more than pick fruit now.

Obama was deporting immigrants. you just didn’t hear about it.


I believe he will be working for America and all Americans. he has a big job ahead of him! he could use our help instead of whining. Trump has a lot at stake too!


It’s important for people to realize that Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton all used police state tactics and methods to organize mass deportations of illegal immigrants. So actually, Trump hasn’t even proposed anything all that radically different.

It’s mainly just different in people’s minds.

I hate to see people scared, though.


Latin for “voice”


Illegal immigrants are … at the very least … taking jobs away from U.S. citizens and using welfare services needed by U.S. citizens.

If ignoring the law is ok, then what other laws should be ignored?


Instead of changing it, the SOP lately has been to just pretend it doesn’t exist. No need to change it if we just don’t enforce it anymore.


I can you tell you with certainty, though, that if I had been born in Mexico no fence or wall would stop me from coming here. So I believe it would be hypocritical of me to criticize those who came here looking for a better life, or to escape ISIS-like levels of violence.


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