Donald Trump says climate change is a 'hoax' but tries to protect his Irish real-estate from its impact

Presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, tells voters climate change is a hoax. But behind closed doors he is using the case for climate change to argue that he needs to protect his real estate, legal documents show.


Well, he has a demonstrated need for the erosion control.

But before he could even close the deal a single storm eroded as much as eight metres of valuable golfing terrain.

If it would help me get my zoning approval for erosion control (sea wall), I too would mention the possible risk of accelerated erosion from GW. I expect the application was written by a lawyer, paid to make the strongest possible case for approval.

It’s all about money, power, fame, and greed with Trump. Unlike Hillary, he is not to be trusted. LOL

Pfft:rolleyes:, Helen Keller would be able to see through this guy.

I still can’t comprehend that people even take him seriously; it’s just too much for my poor brain to fathom.

I sense that even the most self-centered and stereotypical former eighties yuppie piranhas are beginning to question reality.

It’s like Max Headroom has come to life and entered American politics.

It’s simple. People have watched the current regime abuse and usurp power, intentionally undermine the constitution, etc. they’ve also watched the Republican Congress, placed their to stop him, do almost nothing to that end. And they’ve picked the guy they think has the courage to stop the erosion of our constitutional republic and individual rights.

Now, while I agree with the sentiments, I’m not convinced he’s the right guy. He’s been too cozy with progressives all his life and I don’t trust him. Even his rhetoric sounds like a progressive.


Agreed. Talking the language of bureaucracy with bureaucrats.


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