Donald Trump signed off deal designed to deprive US of tens of millions of dollars in tax

A Telegraph exclusive, courtesy of the British press:…deprive-us-of/

**Donald Trump signed off deal designed to deprive US of tens of millions of dollars in tax

Exclusive: US presidential hopeful Donald Trump signed off on a controversial business deal that was designed to deprive the American government of tens of millions of dollars in tax, the Telegraph can disclose.**

The billionaire approved a $50 million investment in a company – only for the deal to be rewritten several weeks later as a ‘loan’.

Experts say that the effect of this move was to skirt vast tax liabilities, and court papers seen by the Telegraph allege that the deal amounted to fraud.

Independent tax accountants and lawyers said that the documents Mr Trump signed – copies of which were obtained by this newspaper as part of a three-month investigation - contained “red flags” indicating the deal was irregular.

If you want real news, find a single real estate developer who does NOT have a team of lawyers on every deal who seek to structure the deal to minimize taxes. US tax laws make real estate transactions so complex that even the purchase of a single family home or renting a room in your home can be treacherous without the help of a lawyer.

There is no way the information presented shows anything other than our tax laws are too darn complex. I would love to see the next president work with congress to reform the code in a meaningful way, but recognize the best we can expect is tiny changes in the right direction.

I think this is a snippet from a Brit newspaper that appears to be akin to National Enquirer. What they are excited about is a deal in which a lender Trump didn’t own loaned money to another company Trump didn’t own, and the lender wanted Trump to agree that he would continue to allow the use of the franchise name which Trump did own, despite the loan.

Now, the article doesn’t explain the tax thing at all. Not at all. They just assert it. Maybe he got a tax break and maybe he didn’t, but this article certainly doesn’t establish it, and in reading the article, it doesn’t seem that he did.

Don’t the Brits have their own elections to worry about that they have to get involved in supporting Hillary Clinton in the American election? :rolleyes:

Anybody else have a problem with the assumption that the US government has the first claim on Donald Trump’s, or anyone else’s income?

As near as I can tell from the article, it wasn’t even his income or his tax break. It was somebody else’s. It looks like one of those standard deals where an essentially uninvolved third party (Trump) is asked by a lender to honor a franchise agreement if the lender made a loan to the franchisee. That’s the kind of thing lenders want McDonald’s to sign if the franchisee is going to get a loan to renovate his restaurant. They want to be sure the franchisor won’t pull the franchise if the borrower goes belly up.

I wouldn’t say that we are officially backing either candidate or trying to influence your internal election process (although your government did vis-a-vis our Brexit debate :wink: ), although I do notice and concede that the Clinton campaign have seized upon this investigation by the paper:

**Hillary Clinton campaign hits out at Donald Trump over Telegraph tax investigation

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has accused Donald Trump of “enriching himself” at the expense of the American people, following a Telegraph investigation.

The Telegraph is the quintessential Tory broadsheet. It is closely aligned with the governing Conservative Party (in all respects save the government’s line on the EU). It is right-wing, so one cannot really accuse it of political bias in favour of the Dems, I should think. I dislike it for its traditional Euriscepticism but I’ve never been led to believe that it’s a disreputable publication.

(My favoured newspaper is the Financial Times - which is pro-business and pro-EU but politically neutral.)

There are plenty of vapid right-wing publications in the U.S.

If the U.S. government stuck its nose into the Brexit controversy, it shouldn’t have. And Brits shouldn’t publish smear stories about American politicians when they have no content but make outrageous claims that somehow they do.

Of course, my point though was that there is no evidence available leading one to conclude that the Telegraph is in league with the Dems across the pond.

If I were expecting a British newspaper to be so, I would have placed my best bet on the Guardian - certainly not the Telegraph.

I’m just saying that I think “backing Hillary” is not at play here.

I am waiting for the story about Trump being three days late when he turned in a library book when he was in the 3rd grade.


Or when he gave a wedgie to another boy in prep school. Oh wait - that was Romney. Who also drove with a DOG on his roof! The horror!

On a related note: If I take a legitimate deduction on my tax filing, am I also “depriving” the government of tax income?

Well we have a choice to make. Do we want an insider progressive crook like Hillary, an out and out Marxist who didn’t get a job until he was 40, or do we want to take a chance on the outsider businessman Trump? I’ll be voting for Mr. Trump, thank you very much!

That was the amateurish Obama who was meddling in your Brexit campaign, and fortunately for us in a short time he will not be a part of our government. As for Hillary, she is in some serious trouble with her e-mails and is a crooked as they come. I am beginning to think that the writing is on the wall and we Americans want to give a big heave ho to all the regular establishment politicians. While I am not a big fan of him and do not trust him, I will hold my nose and pull the lever for him. Anything to shake up the status quo!

When I see “tens of millions” I honestly think of Austin powers. Whoa. Tens of millions huh!? In my state that’s the cost of new parking lots for the state buildings.

The use of deprive makes it seem like the money is the US governments. It makes it seem like Trump cheated the government out of its property. The money is Trump’s. He like anyone should do what he can to pay as little in taxes as possible. In fact he has said he tries to pay as little as possible.

He doesn’t write the tax laws. A shockingly large percentage of the population seem surprised to find out that people actually change their behavior in response to laws. One reason we have so many laws is these people keep demanding new laws since their last one didn’t control the economy any more then the law before that.

Actually, it is Obama who is already issuing anti-housing regulations.

In my 35 years as a CPA I have yet to come across anyone who did not want me to do everything possible to minimize their tax liability . This is especially rich coming from Hillary Clinton who painstakingly itemized every pair of boxer shorts given to Goodwill on her and Bills return .

I understand. Nobody ever tries to pay the most tax he can. Never.

But in looking at that Brit article, I don’t even think he was the one getting the deduction or exemption or whatever it was. He was pretty much a bystander in the whole thing, but the Brit article tries to make him out a villain anyway. Look at it, particularly the letter, and see if you agree.

Why would a Brit publication carry water for Hillary Clinton and engage in the very sort of deception her organization indulges in? Hard to know from over here, but one does remember how European elites in general hated G.W. Bush before he did anything, and gave Obama the Nobel Prize just for being alive, liberal and critical of the U.S.

But we’re a forgiving people, after all. When Europeans inevitably realize that the Sharia governance to which they progressively assent, is hard to live with and emigrate to the U.S., we’ll be nice to them. :rotfl: And we won’t even require them to wear cowboy hats and carry pistols if they don’t want to.

I used to have a weekly Call in radio show . Back when the cause de jour on the the left was complaining about the Bush tax cuts I made a standing offer to prepare for free the tax returns of anybody who wanted their taxes calculated using the rates in effect before the Bush tax cuts . I never had any takers.

It seems the more salacious attacks are coming from foreign newspapers, the stories can still be leveraged by dems but are harder to defend against.

Perhaps this is where the 20 WaPo reporters digging through Trump’s garbage are sending their dirt?

Slowly, the Europeans might be waking up:


The writer Emile Cioran once cast a sinister prophecy on Europe: “The French will not wake up until Notre Dame becomes a mosque.” Three years ago, a French historian, Dominique Venner, shot himself on the altar of Notre Dame, Paris’s most famous Cathedral. This suicide, which the mainstream media dismissed as the gesture of a Catholic crank, was a terrible warning to Europe. But no one was paying attention.

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