Donald Trump Smashes Incumbent President Primary Record in New Hampshire

Nepperhan on Trump’s record-setting primary result . . .

It shows that he got a high percentage of whoever wanted to vote in an essentially meaningless primary.

I was thinking the comparison shows that Obama got a low percentage of whoever wanted to vote in an essentially meaningless primary.

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How socialist are these candidates really? Do they believe in “nationalisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange?”

If not then they are Blairites.

Conservatives just like to allege “socialism” because it sounds scary to them.

Maximian . . .

How socialist are these candidates really?

I don’t know about “these candidates”, but I was talking about Bernie.

Bernie is clearly in the position to win now. At least that’s my opinion.

And so we are going to be looking a lot at Bernie’s socialist paradigm.

America is going to have that debate and it will be interesting.

Catholic Answers, by the way is already locking in on this principle (not the Candidate Bernie per se, but this socialistic paradigm spreading or at least the ideas).

Can a Catholic Be a Socialist? Paperback – February 24, 2020

by Trent Horn (Author), Catherine R Pakaluk (Author)

Trent & Catholic Answers Socialism Book

OK. Im not American and haven’t looked up in detail what Bernie believes. I do have the impression that the word “socialist” is often used inadvisedly In American politics (rather like the word fascist over here).

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Forgive me but I don’t understand this phrase. Does it mean focussing on?

Forgive me but I don’t understand this(locking in on) phrase.

It just means they are making it a priority. At least enough of a priority to write and publish a book about the issue.

Prioritizing the issue

Does it mean focussing on?


Hope that helps.


That’s very interesting. I look forward to seeing what position they take.

My own view is that legislating for the poor is uncatholic, since compulsory charity is by definition not charity

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This Dem is thoroughly disgusted by the congressional antics in the House and the lack of minorities in party leadership roles. The powers that be in the Democrat party point their fingers at the “old white men” of the Republican party. I guess the power players haven’t looked in the mirror lately (and they seem so much older than Trump on top of that… and more forgetful). Why couldn’t the Dem party find a well-rounded, mature minority member to run for Prez and VP? It’s the same ol’, same ol’ all the time.

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If you want to see where the phrase “locked in” comes from in some people’s lexicon, go to Youtube.

Search for . . .

"Top Gun Dogfight Scene Mig-28" (authored by The Modelling News)

Start at 2:33 and you will see.

Catholic Answers is getting “locked in” on the topic of socialism.

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