Donald Trump stands by waterboarding debate answer


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Washington (CNN)—Donald Trump said Sunday he would “go through a process” to end waterboarding’s status as a war crime in order to use it against ISIS if he is elected president.

“I’d go through a process and get it declassified frankly … certainly waterboarding at a minimum,” Trump told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

“They’re chopping off heads of Christians and many other people in the Middle East. They’re chopping heads off, they laugh at us when they hear we’re not going to approve waterboarding and then they’ll have a James Foley and others where they cut off their heads.”

Trump said during Saturday night’s Republican debate in New Hampshire that he would reinstate waterboarding if elected and “bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” But he did not say what he would do that was “worse.”




I just notice the sounds of crickets from the Trump supporters.


What method would you recommend for enhanced interrogation? The harsh reality of Islamic terrorism requires gaining knowledge of what they are planning. We are not having to deal with kind people to say the least. Trump has some good insights.


None. Torture is contrary to Catholic teaching. I for one am disgusted that my own government in Ireland let rendition flights pass through Shannon airport which may have contained prisoners been transported to black sites for torture outside of the USA.


Hey Hey!

It’s not TORTURE. . . that’s an ugly word. . .

It’s called . … . . . enhanced interrogation!:thumbsup:

Sounds much better.


Oh yeah sorry Ringil, my euphemism buttons are broken. :slight_smile:


Force them to watch SpongeBob Square Pants followed by Barney the Purple dinosaur. They’ll crack under the pressure and beg to never be forced to watch awful american “Children programming” again.


Are there no drugs out there that would loosen people’s tongues and get them talking? I know that drug-enhanced interrogation is forbidden in a legal framework, where people are gathering information to assist in apprehending, trying, and convicting criminals, but the context here is a war against terrorism, and our guys are trying to stop further terrorist acts and eliminate terrorists, not win a U.S. court case.

Pretty sure that this would be banned by some UN agency :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Or, Dora the Explorer? :wink:


Torture - does chopping off heads qualify? Maybe its legal? How can you be disgusted over an airplane which MAY HAVE … ? Doesn’t make sense. Wait for another opportunity to disparage the USA.


I find the sarcastic tone against trump supporters amazing. It’s very easy to see why trump and his supporters may have a tough approach like this and Yet these positions are not given any benefit of the doubt. We are branded as “how lovely!” If you really think water boarding is so bad, go fight the battle of overthrowing death penalty first. So far that is legal in many states.

Even if we don’t agree on issues, can we at least see where others are coming from and not brush them off as wacko?


Do we take our morality then from those who lack morality? Should we descend to barbarism to counter barbarism? The USA like many large states both large and small has used torture, to its credit it has engaged in that far less often and far less consistently than many state but it has used it and to mention it is not to disparage it. My own home country has had individuals who used torture or were complicit in its use in its history (or aided and abetted others who used it), my wifes home country has had plenty of people who used it. In all cases it was wrong and torture is forbidden by the Church. The Church makes a point of stating that at times in the past those driven by misplaced zeal used it in and that it regards this as a grave mistake on the part of those individuals.

When waterboarding was used on US troops in WW2 it was rightly condemned as torture, when the US use it remains torture and does not become ‘enhanced interrogation’ despite the usage of an euphemism to disguise an ugly reality.


I’m not American and the death penalty is forbidden in my own nation and was removed by constitutional amendment via a referendum some years ago there. There is no strength in supporting torture, unless it is akin to that ‘Hideous Strength’ that CS Lewis talked of.


Your country (Ireland?) has legalized gay marriage. I personally think that’s a bigger issue than water boarding. Water boarding doesn’t take away a life, but gay marriage, well, you know where that leads.

If you are not from Ireland, then what the heck am I talking about? :slight_smile:


Yes gay marriage leads to gay people becoming married in the eyes of the state. I would disagree with that but if you wish to engage in deflection of this kind have at it. Water boarding does destroy the dignity of the torturer and those tortured. It is also inimical to Church teaching.


Waterboarding would not be last on a list of many uncomfortable situations but it convinces the subject they are drowning. Military specialists experience this in training. It is not bloody torture - if that makes one comfortable. It makes an impression on one that they need it to stop and will provide answers to questions. It is enhanced interrogation. It has been used successfully and the recipient lives. Its a whole lot better than an ax.


This is not a deflection. Gay marriage leads to no life at all. That’s a bigger problem for the society than some criminals getting physical punishment perhaps while saving a few lives. This is about perspective. People can say water boarding hurts human dignity, but when they choose to become violent criminals or terrorists, they have already chosen to betray human dignity. They also have the choice to cooperate before the water boarding.

A politically correct society will side with criminals instead of the victims.


The very definition of torture redefined via euphemism and word play. Chilling. Military specialists experience it so they know what they may experience if they are caught and tortured. That is why it is simulated for some soldiers in training exercises


Chilling??? So the bad guys can kill us, and we can’t do anything to make them hurt? Even if you are a canonized saint, you have the prerogative to treat murderers like that when you run into them, but you should have no expectation that others do the same. The government has a duty to protect its own citizens.

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