Donald Trump statement on banning Muslims from US has disappeared from his website

**Donald Trump statement on banning Muslims from US has disappeared from his website

Donald Trump’s team has removed the statement on his website to ban all Muslims from the US.

On the same night that millions of votes were pouring in for the real estate mogul turned politician, the page linking to his December statement regarding a temporary and complete Muslim has been removed.

The page now redirects to his a page encouraging voters to donate to his campaign.

The page was available on the morning of the election on 8 November, according to online caches. But the redirected was added later the same night.

Caches like the Wayback Machine work by crawling websites intermittently and making a copy of what it finds there. As such, it’s not possible to say exactly what time the redirect was added, but only that the change had been made between those two times it was crawled.

Mr Trump was widely condemned for his call shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 to temporarily ban all Muslims until he figured out “what the hell was going on”.**

Abortion is also gone.

Is he being politically pragmatic now that he’s going to be president?

To be fair, I didn’t see one on abortion before the election either. I looked.

Ah, OK. Then it was from a speech where he said he’s going to be pro-life.

Who knows his true intentions anymore?:shrug:

I think it is wise to remove it from the website to call unity at the moment especially when the riot is going on in major cities.

Maybe he’s not going to be as conservative as some right wing expect…to be fair we’ll have to wait and see

It was removed. He did have a pro-life statement on there during the campaign.

This doesn’t surprise me.

Was I the only one who noticed that when he gave his acceptance speech in the wee hours of the morning of the 9th that he left out building a wall? I did. To tell you the truth, that was my first red flag that we’d been had.

Time will tell if I was right.

Yeah…it definitely keeps me on edge. I fear many things with this man. :frowning:

He’s a great crowd-pleaser, I think he says what his audience of the day wants to hear. Professional career politicians don’t generally do that, because they know that if they win, they might just be expected to deliver.

However, surely everyone knows you can’t really just ban law-abiding Muslims from entering the USA simply on account of their faith, or build a wall along a border with another country?

I think President-elect Trump doesn’t want to become an international laughing-stock. You can say these things when you’re in a contest (well, most people wouldn’t say them, but you know what I mean), but having actually won, he’s going to draw back from some of what he said on the campaign trail.

His presidency might actually be quite staid, who knows?

Someone ought to tell the college students to get back into their classrooms. They are protesting in vain. I mean, after all, they will spend the rest of their life paying off the debt they’re accruing. I’d hate to be saddled with a $100-200,000 student loan and all I got for my troubles was protesting in the streets and sixties-styled sit-ins and charred remains of the American flag. :o

That’s a pretty big assumption…

It might cause him problems when heads of state from the Middle East come for talks. :slight_smile:

Seriously, did people actually believe he would stop all Muslims from entering the country? You have millions of Muslims already living in your country!

Yes seriously, some people thought he would stop Muslims from entering the country. My wife’s aunt was one of them despite our attempts to explain to the contrary. Heck enough thought so that Royal Jordanian Airlines (Jordan’s flag air carrier) ran this ad on Tuesday. It was in jest of course but there’s a reason they ran it at all.

That is the thing with him, nothing is out of the question.

He wasn’t elected to be “staid”. You got the wrong man for that.

The only quote I’ve seen about abortion (& I didn’t look too hard) was from some years back. He said he was personally against abortion but pro-choice. Isn’t that what all politicians say?

I know he wasn’t - but the reality of that job may change his POV!

And yet he’s already toning down everything. No pro-life or Muslim restriction points on his website. No more Crooked Hillary or talk of arresting her, but rather Secretary Clinton and cordial compliments. No more talk of a wall or deportations.

Time will tell if this is the ultimate track he takes once in office, but for now it seems he’s walking back much of the bombastic promises he made during the election.

I think a lot of what he promised will soon disappear from Trump’s website and from his mind, including his construction of the wall which Mexico is supposed to pay for, his remarks concerning the appointment of pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, and so on. The people who voted for him and the rest of the country will shortly find out who Donald Trump really is. I have an inkling, given he is a Manhattanite New Yorker, born and raised in Queens, who not so long ago was a Democrat who praised the work of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. A wolf in sheep’s clothing (or a sheep in wolf’s clothing, depending on your point of view) comes to mind.

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