Donald Trump to formally unveil his childcare expenses plan with Ivanka Trump later today


Donald Trump to formally unveil his childcare expenses plan with Ivanka Trump later today.


It has been unveiled


it looks like a reasonable proposal.


Puts each individual in charge of her or his own situation.

NO bureaucrcy.

Medical care could be paid the same way.

NO bureaucracy.

Feds are OUT. Individual control is in.


Why does the government need to be involved in Childcare at all? If you have a child, you figure out how to take care of it. Problem solved.


Feds are never out when they can socially engineer with the tax code.


I believe the plan also calls for 6 weeks fully paid maternity leave. Supposedly this will be paid through unemployment insurance if the employer doesn’t offer it (which they may stop after this gets passed). Since UI doesn’t currently pay full pay, how will this work?

I am starting to agree with those who say Trump is a Democrat in Republican clothing.


Oh, I don’t know.

I don’t think it’s mandatory on a Repub to oppose tax relief to encourage family formation. After all, it’s the Repubs who favor the family over the “village” Hillary Clinton thinks should raise a child.

Personally, I found the Trump proposals encouraging. I would have liked them back when we were raising our young children. For the most part, they’re just a matter of keeping more of one’s own money rather than handing it over to the government. That’s more a Repub thing than a Dem thing.

And too, it seemed to me more in line with Rerum Novarum and other social encyclicals than a lot of what has been done relative to families for decades.


Paid leave is what I mentioned. Btw, Democrats have proposed these things for years, which is why I was surprised.


Yes and even in the current cycle, from the article you linked to, this does appear to be a case of nothing other than “Donny Come Lately”.

“In selling his case, Mr. Trump stretched the truth, saying that his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, has no such plan of her own and never will”.

Then it goes on to say…

“Mrs. Clinton issued her plan more than a year ago, and it guarantees up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for a newborn or a sick relative, financed by an increase in taxes on the wealthiest Americans”.

And this especially caught my eye as something to be concerned about in regard to the new Trump plan…

Trump’s recommendations “contain a number of uncertainties, most notably how Mr. Trump would pay for them, and they still favor people with higher incomes”.


These are the kind of proposals that will likely sway undecided voters. It’s a well-known fact that Trump has historically been liberal on fiscal issues. This proposal would be no different. People won’t look at this and see that he came around late (which in my view he didn’t - he’s just exposing who he’s always been).


I much prefer a tax credit to the spend required for Govt run pre-school.


True, but it also benefits daycare centers as opposed to have them stay with relatives, etc. Why not just increase the personal deduction for all kids?


Someone -Trump - finally listened that the present system encourages parents to send their child to daycare instead of themselves or grandma.

Why should someone who works get help with child care, but a family that struggles to keep mom at home get no such aid? Answer, to keep mom from influencing the values and beliefs of her children.

And then, who volunteers to help at the school, the church, the sports program, etc.? That stay at home mom, so the family sucks up everyone else’s social expenses too.

Should the government be doing any of this? That’s another question, but I’m glad he’s leveling the field. I still hope for that postcard tax form.

Funny how Hilary is a woman and supposedly for women, but it was Ivanka who spoke out for all women.


Here’s Donald Trump’s fact sheet on his childcare plan: []]](]])


With the tax credit, YOU get to pick YOUR OWN pre-school … maybe even a church-related pre-school.

No gummint involvement.

Just a dotted line on the tax form on page two, where you list the tax credits.

AND, it COULD even result in a much bigger refund … MUCH BIGGER … more than even taxable income.

And only one line … not a whole bureaucracy. Or only one box on the form.

And you could do that for medical care.

NOT a bureaucracy … but the hospital [or doctor] fills out the form and the IRS cuts a check.

No need for approvals and overseers.

The provider fills out the 1040MED and mails it in and gets the check … because the IRS knows your income and shazam, they mail the check to the provider.

They could do this for veterans instantly.



This is what was sooooooooooooooooooooooo galling to me about O’care: something along these lines, with something similar to the EIC could have been done instead of the insanity–the extremely expensive insanity–they actually gave us.


Where I live, they have these private “clinics” on the highway … like Urgent Care or Doc In A Box. Anyway, I had the radio on and the clinics were advertising that you can make an appointment with your facebook thing AND you can look up on line and see the waiting times.

Easy peasy.

No bureaucracy.

No waiting.

No being held up by government control.


A good read, if you haven’t read it, ACA was written to reduce competition and innovation by care providers.
I was wrong about Obamacare


How conservative of Mr. Trump…adding a new entitlement program to the federal government.

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