Donald Trump to withdraw U.S. from Asia trade deal on first day in office


President-elect Donald Trump said Monday that on his first day in office, he will issue a notice that the U.S. is withdrawing from the Pacific trade deal negotiated by President Obama, calling it “a potential disaster for our country.”

“Instead we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals,” he said in a brief video message posted to YouTube laying out his top priorities for the beginning of his administration.

He said he will cancel Obama administration rules that limit energy production, and will order his Labor Department to investigate abuses of America’s visa programs, going after those visas that are used to undercut American workers.

And he said he’ll order security agencies to come up with a cybersecurity strategy.

Mr. Trump campaigned against the Trans Pacific Partnership and his vow to withdraw from the deal makes good on those campaign promises.

video at link

A lot of Republicans like the Trans Pacific Partnership


The TPP is bad news…it would forbid labeling food with country of origin. As someone who needs to know if her grass fed beef or pastured chicken was raised and processed in the USA…I am against the TPP.


I can’t say I disagree with Trump’s assessment of the TPP because I know nothing about international trade. But I wish people would speak about WHY TPP is bad.


Looks like it’s back to the Future for the U S ,

1928 - 1945.  Here we Come ,,:eek:


Now, now. Calm down. The deals of the past few years have NOT worked in favor of American workers. Look around at the empty buildings and the people unable to find jobs. Look around at people having to take handouts in order to make it. Let’s give him a chance. It’s can’t get worse… at least around here…


Once half of America stops running in circles and wetting their pants, they might just realize that not everything the US has stepped in smells sweetly.


Read the post above your own. You want to eat food without knowing where it came from ?


It might be prudent to find out exactly what is in the bill before any of us decide we are for it only because Trump is against it.


US producers of beef, chicken, shrimp, pork, etc… benefit from labelling country of origin. Considering the processes used overseas are fraught with human rights abuses, I am all for knowing where it comes from. As a small time beef and chicken producer, it makes a big difference how you raise the animals and what you feed them. Some diseases, like ‘mad cow’ are spread through feeding practices forbidden in the US but allowed elsewhere.




But that is exactly where we were during the depression-era trade wars. People looked around and saw failed businesses, massive unemployment. Some of them concluded their troubles were from foreign trade taking away American jobs. So they passed the now infamous Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930. And of course that ended the depression right away and everything was great after that.:rolleyes:


Beginning January 1, ranchers and poultry producers will not be able to feed antibiotics to promote growth without a vet’s prescription. Basically that means prohibition for that purpose. I don’t know about poultry, but for cattle the most used antibiotic is tetracycline. To my understanding, there has been no demonstrated case of bacterial resistance to tetracycline in cattle.

But regardless, and assuming the ban serves a useful purpose, foreign producers are not subject to it. If the country ought to be worried about antibiotic feed additives, foreign beef should be extremely concerning.


They use that in feedlots. You should be worried about feedlot beef, regardless of country. Glad to see the antibiotics are being phased out. It’s a shortcut to proper management and having cowboys riding the feedlots and checking the animals. Regardless of how many you raise, you need to eyes on your cows every day. A good cowboy can spot a sick steer before he goes down and get him separated and treated.


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