Donald Trump's campaign: It's less chaotic and more calculated than it looks


Louise Sunshine, a former New York lobbyist and real estate executive, has known Donald Trump for more than 40 years. She shared a small office with Trump just as his career as a developer began to take off. She helped him cajole politicians for tax breaks on his first buildings.

Knowing how Trump operates, Sunshine was surprised to hear his rival Jeb Bush brand him last week as a “chaos candidate.” Trump, she said, “is the least chaotic person I know.”

“The least,” she added to underline the point. “And the most determined person I know.”


Of course it is, Trump is selling a brand, in this case himself. Nothing new there as, ’ When it comes to great steaks, I’ve just raised the stakes! … Trump Steaks are the world’s greatest steaks … Treat yourself to the very, very best life has to offer … One bite and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. And believe me: I understand steaks. They’re my favorite food."

Although mind you I believe he hit some er, problems with the steaks and the restuarants.:slight_smile:


We will see in February how many people actually turn out for the various candidates.


Trump is going to win and be the nominee.

Cruz will be his VP.

Book it.


Yes, he is selling a brand. As all politicians must do during a political campaign. His approach isn’t that different from others except for the fact that it is working dramatically well towards his target audience: blue-collar, conservative men.

The question is: will it work well enough to get him enough candidates to win the nomination?


Since you’re making predictions, who do you see as the next president?

And who’s going to win the Christmas game between the Warriors and Cavs?


It’s less chaotic and more calculated than it looks? :rolleyes: That probably wouldn’t take much. :smiley:

Trump’s campaign is clearly basing their hopes on the “cult of personality.” It’s readily apparent his campaign is not based on cohesive policy positions.


Worked for Obama


Hopefully that is not going to be seen as a very good selling point, after eight years of Obama.


Trump is a deal-maker, a negotiator. My take on Trump is that he is setting himself up with points he is willing to bargain away to get what he thinks is really important.


I think its well planned but the ego blunders are the X factor. He can’t help himself in this sense and neither can Hillary or Obama. He’s not intentionally rude to various people at different times. He’s intentionally rude though as it is part of the alfa male ego-mentality which leaks out now and again and seems to coincide with his PC point. Aside from his rude miscalculations which he scrambles to cover up like the latest Hillary bathroom comment in which he obviously didn’t know when to quit when he was ahead, he has a real concern for American Tradition and its history. In this sense imho he differs as Obama and Hillary have a real concern in what they think the American Tradition should be, not already is.


Cavs, further Alabama and the Panthers. :wink:


:thumbsup: Merry Christmas from across the pond from USDA grade-A approved beef country.


Nice way of putting that!

I’d like to add that Trump, as a New Yorker, has a different way of acting than people from other areas of the country.


There does seem to be a lack of gentility (?) in his speech.:slight_smile:


Trump and Cruz would be a very good ticket, for winning in November.


Didn’t Cruz say he did not want to be Trump’s VP?


He did.

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