Donald Trump's China Tariffs Don't Apply to Ivanka


NEWS. Anyone here think this raises conflicts of interest? .
Raise your hands if you think so.


When I read your post, I was skeptical so I did a search. Sure enough:

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND farmers will be happy to bite the bullet:


President Trump on Monday acknowledged that U.S. farmers could take a hit from trade disputes with China but said they will ultimately “understand” why the confrontation is necessary.

“But if we do a deal with China, if, during the course of a negotiation they want to hit the farmers because they think that hits me, I wouldn’t say that’s nice. But I tell you, our farmers are great patriots,” Trump said.

“These are great patriots. They understand that they’re doing this for the country," Trump said. "And we’ll make it up to them. And in the end, they’re going to be much stronger than they are right now.”


Harley Davidson makes a business decision to build some bikes overseas due to retaliatory tariffs by the EU and Trump threatens them.

President Donald Trump says Harley-Davidson will be “taxed like never before” if it moves production overseas.

“A Harley-Davidson should never be built in another country-never!” Trump says in a tweet.

He tweeted a day after Harley said it will move some production overseas due to increased costs from the EU’s retaliatory tariffs against the Trump administration’s duties on steel and aluminum.


“the first daughter and senior White House adviser has never manufactured a single product for her Ivanka Trump brand on American soil.”


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