Donald Trump's choice to head Interior Department doesn't believe climate change is hoax


Donald Trump’s choice to head Interior Department doesn’t believe climate change is hoax:


At least, that’s what he’s saying now, in response to questions from the people who will pass on whether or not he has a job.


See, it is possible for conservatives to accept the science on CC.

Also the article said he was admirer of President Theodore Roosevelt.

It just so happens that TR & Nixon did the most of all presidents for the environment.

I’ve been feeling exceedingly bad about a Trump presidency & how it may end up pushing us further into env destruction leading to human harms & deaths.

The other Republicans seem to think if they are opposed to abortion they can therefore run wild on destroying the environment and the life it supports (including human lives).

Now I have a glimmer of hope.


Ryan Zinke stated an opinion similar to Rex Tillerson. That climate change is apparent; yet, to what degree man may be contributing is what is debatable.


Until such time we can get the cooperation of countries like China who polute the environment far more than the US does, all the preaching to us is just that–preaching. Yes, the climate is changing as it has been for centuries, but exactly what man can do to influence it is the question yet to be answered IMO.


China does pollute more than the US, but they also have over four times as many people. So they are polluting less per capita than the US. Also, most of the pollution made by the Chinese falls on them in the form of air pollution, making it necessary for people in big cities to walk around with masks over their faces. They have a large incentive to reduce pollution, and they are working very hard on solar energy. They are already the world leader in the production of PV solar panels. So it is not entirely accurate to paint them as apathetic to this issue.


I’ve heard that a lot of the pollution that China produces is directly related to the junk they make for us. Also, the carbon foot print of an individual Chinese person is smaller than that of an American individual.

One way to get China to produce less pollution is to make sure that they produce less stuff that isn’t needed.


That’s fine.

If one thinks CC is nearly 100% caused be humans, then we only need to reduce our GHG emissions by half – worldwide, which means we Americans may need to reduce by 60% or so, to give poor countries less burden.

If one thinks CC is only, say, one-fourth attributable to human emissions, then we will need to reduce, say, 95% post haste to have any real impact.

So let’s get to it & accomplish a really great reduction within this next year & this decade, esp if we think our part is small.

After all, it’s for the kids & their kids.


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