Donald Trump's favorability rating at 50%, new poll shows

Donald Trump’s favorability rating at 50%, new poll shows.

This could be quite an issue for the new president. Any “mandate” comes from the people, and 50% doesn’t make the cut. This is where the popular vote becomes telling. He won by being the second most unpopular, in the right places in an unpopular field.
If people begin to feel threatened or betrayed by his, or the GOP’s actions, he will plummet.

Look, the whole battle over polling is not my arena, but is this coming from the same sources saying Trump would lose by a landslide? Is this just the beginning of a long propaganda war?

that didn’t seem to be the case with Obama. People felt threatened and betrayed but his numbers climbed - if they can be believed.

I would say bounced, more than climbed. He is on a bit of a roll in his final year.

Not everyone felt threatened and betrayed. If that had been the case, Hillary Clinton more than likely would not have received more votes than Donald Trump.

I think a lot of that might have had to do with the elections & related news. Elections are never pretty but this one seemed to take the drama to a new level. In the midst of all of that, Obama’s popularity rose.

Very likely. The 2020 campaign to oust Trump began a month ago. If you thought it was over you’re in for a long four years.

Sell!! That stock can only go down.

barack was not on the ballot and campaigning for Hillary did not help her win the election. our election is not won on popular vote.

Exactly. The polls are a joke now in my opinion.

More likely eight.


The man’s not even president yet. Why start judging him already?


Again, polls aren’t my arena, but it seems if they were unreliable beforehand, a lesson would have been learned. This kind of manipulation, if indeed it is, only serves to inflate pride, hence the “fall” of post-election reaction. Spread lies often enough in the name of propaganda, and you begin to believe them.

Why not?

Agreed. The media criticism of Bush was unrelenting. With Trump it will be even worse.

It won’t just be the media. I hope he expects a lot of resistance if he actually tries to do what he said he’d do.

But with trump we’ll actually have someone who fights back.

Yes and hes already softening up on many of his campaign promises, I think this has a lot to do with the 50% approval rate.


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