Donald Trump's first TV ad touts Muslim ban


Donald Trump is taking to the television airwaves, and his first advert prominently features his controversial call for temporarily halting the entry of all Muslim into the US and a border wall “paid for by Mexico”.
The 30-second spot is narrated by a stern-sounding male voice and features grainy images of Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
The advert also includes photos of the San Bernardino attackers, so-called Islamic State militants, a US warship firing cruise missiles, exploding buildings and undated footage of migrants purportedly crossing the US-Mexican border.




…and we have the result of the “win at all costs” style of politics that uses voter cynicism, disillusionment, and tribalism to stay in power. Eventually you get a Godzilla (Trump) when you finally lose control.


The footage used in the ad wasn’t even if the Mexican border, it was the Moroccan.:rolleyes:

Honestly, as obnoxious and hateful as he is, the rugged American in me likes that the Republican establishment hates him (for good reason), but there’s nothing they can do to stop him because the people inexplicably adore him. In an odd way, he’s proving our system works.



I always did have a soft spot for 20th century Soviet propaganda. Now I can get it domestically at no charge.

The advertisement is literally demagogic Machiavellian evil on a level that hasn’t been matched since WW2 internment camps. I don’t even think CAF, as a Catholic apostolate, should be permitted by their ecclesial superiors to allow this material to spread on this forum without being reprimanded for insubordination. This isn’t The Catholic Conference of Bishops of the United States has already spoken in plain language.


Oh I don’t support the Donald and I find it quite propagandist and ludicrous. However as others have said those who already embrace the Donald’s vision will lap it up.


I deleted my post since it wasn’t proper, but my view (well, not my view) is quite clear: there are living, rational, human souls currently breathing on this Earth that are at risk of being cast into everlasting hellfire as a result of these moral choices. What is happening in the Trump camp is not amusing or a laughing matter. There is genuine, supernatural evil at work here. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has spoken thoroughly on the subject of treatment towards vulnerable persons. Those that fear God need to take it seriously. This has the potential to lead to things far, far more awful. It has happened dozens of times before, and it can happen again.


the ad touts a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.
your thread title is not entirely correct. you left out the word temporary.

the politician’s ad is supposed to show the platform he/she is running on and the ad does just that. if you don’t agree with the platform, you don’t vote for him. it is that simple.


This is not meant to be a partisan attack on the GOP. The GOP leadership has lost control of their party’s message/strategy and relivence to their existing (and potential) base in recent years. It’s a sign of this weakness that they can barely control who runs under their banner. In most other election cycles either party would normally have the strength to reign in someone like Trump or force him or her to run as a third party candidate.


to me he has made fools of the GOP establishment. I think that is why he is so popular because people are disgusted with establishment politicians. republicans have no one to blame but themselves.


The qualifier “temporary” is based on when we can figure out “what the h*** is going on”. The “temporary” nature of the ban is undercut by the fact that the duration is indefinite. I can see Trump arguing that “we still don’t know what the … is going on”. So calling this an outright ban without mentioning “temporary” is not too far from the truth.


I agree with you on what is happening but see it a little differently in terms of meaning. The GOP hasn’t lost control of their message. The rank and file GOP voters are tired of the message which is basically just trailing the Democrats, and tired of those they elect not accomplishing anything substantive.

Trump is running for office and almost every temporary government measure, which there are lots of, becomes permanent. I happen to think the temporary ban he calls for would be a lot more productive than the temporary but really permanent interception and recording of all electronic communication. It would certainly have the advantage of actually being constitutional.


So popular? With a certain segment of Republican voters. But until he breaks 50%, even a majority of Republican primary voters aren’t supporting him right now. And more importantly, polls show Democrats Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders beating him in a general election.


we will soon find out!


Can we ban Presidential candidates with bad hair? :stuck_out_tongue:


I may be making a bit of a leap here, but I think that may be the problem. I think, especially Republican voters, have begun to see the purpose of their party is crusade and not compromise with the other party. The problem is that our system is very intentionally based on compromise. The no compromise approach works in a Parliamentary style system like much of Europe and really many other representative governments. The only way that works here is for one party to have 2/3s of both houses and the Presidency, which I’m not sure that has ever happened. If that is the goal of either party, we are most likely to get the lockup we are seeing right now.


With Trump voters and before him the Tea Party voters the issue with voters was the GOP does compromise. I don’t see the GOP as being uncompromising at all. Pat Buchanan perfectly described the Democrats and Reoublicans as being the left and right wings of the same bird of prey. In reality they work together pretty well. The Congress just passed a budget that was more favorable to Democrats than Republicans despite being controlled by Republicans.

The Democrats are able to pass all sorts of legislation that their party wants such as funding for Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. The Republicans have the Medicare prescription drug act which being a huge increase of the welfare state made more sense as a Democrat objective.


They managed to do this for as long as I can remember. Now people are realizing the choice is between an establishment crony that isn’t much different than a democrat in practice (just look at the recent budget), or an aggressive demagogue that is actually willing to crack skulls.

Voters seem more interested in tearing down the existing GOP power structure, and they see Trump as the man to do it. If Trump succeeds, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.


Compromise is overrated. If one is clearly in the right, no compromise is necessary.

One party wants the right to chop a baby into pieces with impunity, the other wants the baby to live. Should we compromise and tear off his arm?

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