Donald Trump's Great Wall on Mexican border will damage environment in 'insane act of self-sabotage'

Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico is “insane, useless” and an “act of self-sabotage”, environmental activists claim, as they say it will have a noticeable impact on climate change and threaten endangered species such as jaguars and ocelots without actually affecting immigration.

I was indeed a bit worried about this.

Environmental Activists say this? They say a lot of, excuse the pun, off the wall stuff

We don’t have very many ocelots or jaguars on the border today in fact there are so few that we don’t really know what habits they have or don’t have. To say we are cutting them off from anything they can’t easily overcome is a big assumption.

On “climate change”? How? By blocking Gulf moisture from coming into the U.S.? I think it can probably make it over the wall.

And frankly, I am not all that anxious to see jaguars in my back yard someday, if that’s the concern.

I fully believe in man-made climate change, and I fully believe a literal wall along our southern border is just a really stupid and antagonistic idea, but I’m not sure how the wall would have any non-negligible impact on climate change.

Should have read the article first, I guess. The “climate change” effect is based on the unsubstantiated and very dubious assumption that Trump will have it built of solid concrete. Making concrete, it is said, emits CO2. I guess they probably oppose highway building and repair for the same reason, and would have all home foundations made of stacked field stones like they did before the 20th Century.

If y’all read the article instead of just the quote, it explains that it’s not just the presence of the wall that they say will have an effect, but the act of creating it and producing the materials.

I figured that’s what they meant. Gonna review the 1.9 millions ton bit.

I emit man made CO2 every minute of every day. I guess they want to get rid of me too!

Okay, so the worst case scenario is 1.9 million tons of CO2. Two different measurements I’ve found said man produces 9 and 35 billion tons a year (this isn’t a range, they’re two different metrics, not sure which is comparable.) So, however the wall takes to build, it would be at most .002% of what we produce annually, probably spread out over years, and the figure is potentially a lot smaller if I should be comparing it to the 35 billion ton figure.

Granted, this is me just pulling figures from web searches. It’d be nice if a professional laid it out.

I’m not arguing for a wall, but it’s potentially extreme claims that undermine the whole thing.

Environmental Activists: High with emotions
Low with facts

Highway building and repair are necessary. This wall is a monument to Nationalistic Stupidity and serves no good purpose.


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I think everyone acknowledges that it works well in San Diego in keeping out illegal immigrants and drug smuggling. Not perfect, I’m sure, but nobody argues that it doesn’t work.

Now, it’s an open question whether it will do as well in other areas, but we haven’t yet seen whether it will or not. We can’t call it “stupidity” until we know that.

Nationalism is already stupid so no need to wait and see for me.

$15 billion+ to build it not to mention the cost of patrolling it. At the very least it’s a huge waste of money, especially when our roads and bridges are crumbling.

Didn’t Obama take care of those roads bridges? I know he said he would eight years ago. Something like shovel ready jobs?

Didn’t republicans stop him almost every inch of the way? I don’t think anyone believes Mexico will pay for anything let alone a wall. The tax payer is ruined. So much for being for the people ya know.


So much for the environmentalist objectivity

Maybe the Chinese should tear down their wall Greenpeace should start harassing the Chinese Navy. That should be interesting
The problem with their group is it’s become just another proxy in the battle that’s going on
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