Donald Trump's Inaugural Pastor Creates 'Safe Haven' for Immigrants


The Sacramento church of an evangelical pastor who led a prayer at Donald Trump’s inauguration is offering beds for congregants who need a safe haven from immigration raids or domestic violence.

New Season Christian Worship Center is led by Sam Rodriguez Jr., the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), a conservative network of evangelical Hispanic churches. Rodriquez prayed at President Trump’s inauguration ceremony in January. He has offered legal education about immigrant rights to his parishioners, and has asked them to contact NHCLC’s immigration attorney if they fear their family may be separated. He has also offered similar resources to the NHCLC leadership to distribute to their churches at their discretion.

“The anxiety in Christian conservative, evangelical churches has grown exponentially, because many of our worshipers, many of the families we serve, many of the families in our pews, may very well lack the appropriate documentation, even though we have a don’t ask don’t tell policy,” he says.

During the campaign, Rodriguez challenged Trump’s commitment to build a southern wall and to deport with force roughly 10 million undocumented immigrants. In a private meeting Trump held with evangelical leaders in June, Rodriguez says he asked Trump to keep the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, which allows undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country as children, often called Dreamers, to find legal employment and avoid deportation. He also said he asked Trump to not separate families with deportation.

The Department of Homeland Security issued draft memos in mid-February that confirmed that DACA would remain in effect and broadened group of undocumented immigrants targeted for deportation. The memos also suggested that deportation of criminals could be interpreted to mean anyone who is in the U.S. illegally, not just offenders of serious crimes. Rodriguez has urged Trump to confine deportation of undocumented immigrants to violent criminals, such as murderers, drug dealers, and gang members. “I am grateful that the president met the critical element embedded in his promise not to touch the Dreamers,” Rodriguez says. “I need the president now to complete the promise and protect good god-fearing hardworking families from being separated."

"What has taken place in the past two weeks does not respect the president’s promise,” Rodriguez said.


Unfortunately that pastor doesn’t know that the Democrat congresmen want the illegal immigrants in because they are cheap labour and can be abused any way the employer wants to. And not only.
Seee the interview on 27, Tucker show.

I like this guy Tucker. He has 4 children. God bless them.


Successful speech concluded. Only a single card left to play: Let the bashing resume!


That is an ignorant comment. Why did republicans not pass anything during the Bush years? Republicans want the cheap labor but they also want to show the whole country, “look at us, we are pro law”.

They show one face in public but behind the scenes they do something else.


That’s Democratic.


You are back! I thought you quit CAF after election day.

I agree that there are Republicans who like the cheap labor because their donors benefit from said cheap labor. The Chamber of Commerce is one such donor.


Even though I didn’t vote for either candidate, i told myself no matter who wins I won’t post on here again.

But the way people here talk about immigrants upsets me.

That is the reason why I said enough is enough. I might not get Any well wishes from those on here whom I don’t agree with for Christmas but that’s ok.


They very nearly did with the “gang of 8” plan. But ironically, they needed some Democrat votes to pass it, and didn’t get them. It was defeated by 14 “no” votes in the Senate, 12 of them Repub, the others Democrat.


That is correct, but Bush had more support from Democrats than Republicans, 2 to 1 I might add. That is why I’m saying Republicans say one thing to the public, but behind closed doors republicans do something else in regards to immigration.

BTW this is an article were it speaks about that in 2007.


As I recall, the Repubs who opposed the “gang of 8” plan were quite open about it. It wasn’t a matter of “closed doors” at all. It was viewed by many as just one more amnesty plan, which it was. But regardless, if Claire McCaskill and two other Dems had not voted against it, it would have passed.


if Ion’s post upset you, you should contact Democratic Congressman Jared Polis from Colorado who was the one that said on Carlson’s show that we need the illegal immigrants to take the low wage jobs, such as agriculture jobs.


But you know, no job is bad. Every work whether is working in the fields, or in construction or in an office is not a bad job.

A lot of these people come to bust their behind and work hard. If these people come and working in the fields is where they can work, then their going to work there.

That will be a stepping stone.



But Ion wrote something rather different.

Democrat congresmen want the illegal immigrants in because they are cheap labour and can be abused any way the employer wants to.

I watched the interview. Your statement is close to what was said by the Congressman (not Congressmen). Ion’s account is highly embellished and distorted.


Nobody is saying it is a bad job. My dad used to pick blueberries when he was young. He never said it was bad work, not easy though. The argument is that some people want illegal immigrants so they can pay them less then they would have to pay american citizens to do those same jobs. We already have an excess of labor, we should not be bringing in more to do the work. Without illegal immigrants willing to work for less, american workers would do the jobs, just at a pay rate that benefits them.


interesting conjecture; is there real evidence that, for example, the rust-belt unemployed are seeking work in the fields of CA? I don’t think so.


What I’m going to write by some might be seen as offensive, but you know, these construction jobs, mowing lawns (especially as we hit the summer) not a lot of asians, people from India, nor muslims, nor blacks, and not a lot of white people are going to do.
People like Trump b/c supposedly he speaks the truth. Well I just gave a true statement. You know why I say that with confidence? B/c I live in Dallas, Texas. We get 100 degree weather with some bad humidity. Go to the construction site, out of every 100 workers, who are actually doing the dirty work, not the people getting the contacts, they are hispanics. I have seen some whites, not many blacks. Never have I seen an asian, or an Indian or a person from the middle east


Maybe if they upped the pay, benefits and job conditions, they would attract citizens and legal immigrants to do this job.

Right now, the reason you seem to put forward for illegal immigration is that so construction and agricultural businesses can underpay illegal immigrants.

Citizens and legal immigrants cannot be exploited by businesses so we have to bring illegal immigrants so we can exploit them. What kind of reasoning is this?


Which goes back to my original point. Republicans do not want to get anything fixed b/c on one hand, they are telling you and me, “Look, Look everyone, I am following the law”. But behind close doors they are making some nice profits from these owners because, remember America has thrived from cheap labor.

Plus, I want these people to benefit, having said that, you will not have a lot of the groups that I mentioned go out and do these jobs.


That those jobs are currently taken by lower wage illegals is not proof others would not take the jobs. They might have to earn a bit more and we might have to cut off welfare benefits for others to show interest. The market will readily adapt when you remove low cost illegal workers.

Your attitude is quite racist though, implying blacks and Indians are afraid of hard work, or lazy.


How often do Republicans champion those causes?

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