Donald Trump's Lead Slashed in South Carolina: Poll


Donald Trump is now leading Saturday’s South Carolina Republican primary by 5 points — down from his 16-point lead in the state a month ago, according to results from a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll.

Trump gets support from 28 percent of likely Republican primary voters in the state, while Ted Cruz gets 23 percent. They’re followed by Marco Rubio at 15 percent, Jeb Bush at 13 percent, and John Kasich and Ben Carson at 9 percent each.

Seems to be some movement happening in SC


It’s just one poll among many.


South Carolina has an open primary, I wonder how that will play out in voting.


Good. I’m a Cruz person, but I’ve defended Trump over and over.

It’s getting tiresome.


Rubio is surging and may take 2nd in SC and give Trump a run for his money. Rubio is the obvious choice for the Republican establishment voter. Jeb seems finished.

Not sure how the open primary will affect Trump. He is likely to get some Independents and Democrats.


Not that I disagree but the poll has Jeb only 2 pts behind Rubio.


That’s true, which could shed some doubts on the poll (that and the fact that the poll ended on 2/17 before Jeb made remarks that he all but has given up and news reports surfaced that he is out of money and his contributes are having second thoughts.)


If Trump wins tomorrow, going back 40 yrs since SC began having primaries, I can’t find an instance when a Republican won both NH and SC and who then did not go on to secure the nomination. NH and SC haven’t always agreed though. And I don’t think they were always back to back.


Don’t count good ol Jeb out.

He has the money, the Bush machine, and The Establishment firmly on his side that will keep him in this thing until the end. That’s why Trump, the front runner, keeps on attacking him mercilessly. He knows Jeb is the choice of the “insiders”, the guys who will do whatever it takes to keep Trump out…


Then give up. It is futile. Why chose either Cruz or Trump over Kasich?


I agree, Kasich is very good and his CNN townhall interview was great; really.

Story on Kasich posted that I found inspirational.

So we will see with Kasich, SC is not exactly the most hospitable for him and I don’t think he expects much but he could do well in Michigan and Ohio. As said, might be considered for Vice President as well. He has lots of experience in case some of the more inexperienced candidates win the nomination, that is no knock on those candidates. Ohio is very important.


I’d like to see Kasich as VP then POTUS.


Meanwhile the search for the best compromise candidate continues.


Kasich is the only Republican currently running for whom I would consider voting, and I have NEVER voted Republican before (not sure about Jacob Javits?).


Jeb is either making inroads or Jeb and Marco both will have to drop out after mid-March. Florida, and Ohio regarding Kasich, don’t vote till March 15th, after Super Tuesday. I wouldn’t expect anyone to drop out till after then.


I agree about Kasich. He seems like a nice guy. Has a much gentler approach than your typical Republican.


Ohio is extremely important. No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. Of course that does not mean they can’t; they just never have. And that’s in a general election. If Kasich wins Ohio, and he probably will, it doesn’t follow that he has to be the Republican nominee or the Republicans lose. It’s after the nominations that the candidates spend a great deal of time in Ohio. It’s a great swing state.


I don’t know about Ohio’s voting procedure but in FL a voter can cast a mail-in ballot as we speak. I presume though they won’t be counted til the 15th. :thumbsup:


Do you think he stays in all the way with hopes for a brokered convention?


I agree, despite Jeb’s being a “sad case,” in the words of Trump. And then there’s Barbara Bush, whom one plays with at their own peril. If a brokered convention emerges, an establishment candidate such as Jeb may very well take the lead, particularly due to those mysterious super-delegates.

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