Donald wins: 'Deplorables' trump Clinton

Donald wins: ‘Deplorables’ trump Clinton

Donald Trump shocked pundits (and many political experts) Wednesday by winning the presidency. But his followers weren’t shocked at all.

They understood from the start the power of Trump’s message, and the anger of middle class Americans.

Americans suffering from stagnant wages and lost jobs, who were the last to benefit from the liberal agenda of Barack Obama.

Americans fed up with the self-serving Washington political establishment, the crony capitalism and the insufferable political correctness stifling our workplaces and our universities.

Americans tired of the intellectual elites who look down on flag waving and old-fashioned patriotism and consider themselves morally superior.

Deplorables to Clinton: take that! . . . .

God bless

Cathoholic (one from the the basket of deplorables)

**Thank you Lord, for answering our prayers! **

God bless America!

Do you think he will really try and ban abortion? If he does it will be among history’s greatest moments. The extermination of the unborn has gotten to a much worse point than what Hitler done to the Jews and yet we remind ourselves of this history to try and not to repeat it. Ironically we have and gotten better at murder, this to me therefore is the single biggest issue when it comes to the presidential campaign, whoever saves the unborn and strives for the family saves the disintegration of the west

That would be nice.

But perhaps start with defunding PP and diverting resources to pregnancy crisis centers and community health centers.

He will certainly appoint judges who will not be so kind to made-up rights and incredibly gymnastic interpretations of the Constituion.

Yes. And his nominees will be accepted.

All praise and thanks be to God!!! (and never underestimate the power of the rosary). :egyptian:

I hope Hillary will retract her outburst about Catholics some day.

Thank you oh Lord for helping Donald Trump get elected. Amen. :byzsoc:


Good work America. You’ve defied the media bias, you’ve defied the name calling and the insults and you’ve elected the best man for you and for the world.

We’re going to see a shock to the financial markets but it will recover and the world will stabilise. Trump will show that the world is NOT over.

I voted for him precisely because of this. If he keeps his word he will save the courts.

How will the world stabilize when Trump himself is not stabilized? The man cannot responsibly handle a Twitter account. This is a HUGE mistake.

May God give him the wisdom and courage to lead us.

Quite troubling to see many people who genuinely like Trump (you can reluctantly vote bc of pro life issues, but to actually like the guy??) as well as POC who are in fear right now because of these people :confused:

And Pence is…well I will say probably more frightening than Trump, just hoping nothing terrible happens and they don’t continue to give Christians a bad name.

I just want a loving, true Christian to be in power dang it

God has answered in the affirmative to my 2 greatest prayers this year. He sent someone to buy my house, and sent Hillary back to Chappaqua. All glory and honor is yours, now and forever. Amen!


Go, Donald, Go! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I certainly hope so, this is the main reason why I voted for Trump.

Why is Pence frightening? Do you know much about him?

Thank you! :thumbsup:

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