Donating Breast Milk

I have been seeing quite a bit of information on people donating breast milk to hospitals or “milk banks”.

Is this morally acceptable to the Church? Just wondering. I would really consider doing it once my baby is here if I have excess milk. But, I was not sure if it was okay or not.

It is confusing - donating sperm, eggs = bad. Donating blood, organs = good. Donating milk? I would think it would be along the same lines as blood/plasma but I am not sure.

donating sperm or eggs interferes with the natural process of reproduction, and at least in the case of sperm involves actual sin in collecting it. Donating milk, blood or organs does not interfere with the natural means of reproduction and as long as moral and ethical guidelines are followed, does not require a sinful act in order to make the donation. Yes donating milk can be a good thing.

A concern of mine in breastmilk donations would be that the milk changes with the stages the baby goes through. How can that be so beneficial for a baby if they get the milk from another woman, or, worse yet, other women. I think that formula would be better, rather than a serial milk bank, but that is just my opinion.

i think milk banks don’t take milk from people who have a baby over 6 or 12 months for the reason the above post mentioned.

it is so awesome that you would do that and i praise your efforts. i had no extra milk or i would have done the same and if i ever need to supplement i will be contacting a milk bank before going to the grocery store

Thank you for your replies. God-willing, I think I will donate if I can and have excess milk. I hope I do. Now I need to check around and see what places in my community or near-by have these sorts of programs. I live in a rural area so I am not quite sure where to start. I imagine if I cannot find anything on my own the La Leche League could probably provide information on finding a local place accepting donations. The hospitals, birthing centers, and my family doc would probably be the first places to start . . .

i’m sure you can find milk banks online and go from there

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