Donation of serger to religious community


I’m wondering if anyone knows of a religious community that could use a nice, barely used serger (it is a Baby Lock Imagine.) I inherited one from my grandmother, who died in February. I know some communities sew for either enjoyment or as a way to earn income - I’d be happy to ship the machine at my expense to any community that might use it. If they find they cannot use it, I’d be just as fine with them selling it or passing it on.

Thanks in advance!

Also, as I am new to this site - if this is not the appropriate place for this, let me know and I can relocate it : )

PM sent! :slight_smile:

Good evening…
Would you consider donating your serger to an individual involved with Soldier
's Angels? I am making pillowcases and blankets to be sent to overseas troops in medical care, and would greatly appreciate the donation of the machine. A reliable machine would really help in the pillowcase construction, and for finishing steps in the blanket construction as well.
Thank you for reading my post, and have a wonderful weekend.

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