Done with Schwarzenegger and God, Paris Hilton turns to Buddha for help

Paris Hilton is pulling out all stops to avoid going to prison.

She’s already put in a plea to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and turned to God with church visits and Bible readings - now she’s making sure to cover all spiritual bases.

The 26-year-old has turned to Buddha to save her from her 23-day jail sentence.

Even the Buddhist within me is thinking she’s going a bit too far.:smiley:

It would be nice if she was honestly seeking a relationship the divine.:slight_smile:

Sadly though I believe that she is attempting to use religion as a means to get sympathy.:frowning:

And not even doing that very well. I notice her sentence was reduced for good behavior. One of the “good” acts was showing up for her hearing.

The world has gone completely nuts.

But you don’t understand. The “beautiful people” are better than the rest of us and those mundane rules that apply to the rest of us are not meant for them.

Lord have mercy on this crazy woman. Please. Just force-feed her the grace necessary for being a cloistered nun so I can be rid of hearing about her.

LOL, Amen!

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