Don't call me Gentile.

Why is it ok for you to use this derogatory term?
I would fight a Jewish person if they referred to me as this in person.
Where is the justification?
This is a sincere post.

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It’s not really derogatory, it’s just a term used to refer to all people who are not Jews (whether conversion counts varies depending on the sect).

When I have the opportunity to do so, I find great joy and laughter in being able to say to someone “You uncircumcised Gentile!” Is fun to say, no?

I mean, I have to know someone pretty well if I’m going to do it, but when it does come up it’s great fun for everyone.

This is also a sincere post.

It just sounds pretty derogatory to me, like saying your not good enough to be Jewish or
God doesn’t like you as much as he likes us. I feel it really puts you as second class, I can understand the terms like protestant or reformers, I’ve been called a sinning Catholic and a Satan worshiper before and found that less insulting.

The Jews are a specific race and cultural group (along with their religious identity) which was specifically set apart by God as His chosen people. It may seem a little unfair, especially if you don’t believe God really did that, but if you do believe that happened I would expect the God-ordained nature of the situation to mediate some of the hurt feelings on your part.

Is it an issue of belief that God actually set them apart? Or is it something else?

I’ve never heard any Jewish person use the word gentile as a derogatory name for Christians. It is a neutral term simply meaning non-Jewish or non-Hebrew. However, I have heard the words “goy” (singular) and “goyim” (plural) used in a derogatory sense, and this is the Hebrew, as well as Yiddish, term for gentile. And you’re correct, calling someone a “goy” in a derogatory way is not all right and there is no justification.

I don’t fully understand why you are upset about this, unless you are of Jewish lineage. A gentile is just a person who is not of Jewish lineage. I’m not even remotely insulted if someone calls me that, anymore that if someone calls me white, female, Catholic, etc. That’s what I am!

I used to feel a little weird about being considered a gentile too…I am cool with it now though. :slight_smile:


Really? Has that always been the case or is it something that has developed recently due to the way our culture has become sensitive about PC-speech?

I grew up in a neighborhood that was about 50/50 Catholic/Jewish. The term “goy” was used in a friendly way to refer to all of us who were not getting Chanukah presents or were eating ham on our pizza. :wink: I never had the impression it was meant or recieved as a derogatory term.

I almost never see the word “goy” without grinning, remembering when a Jewish friend of ours at an overseas USAF base found out that we were expecting our first. He asked, “Is it going to be a goy or a Berle?” :smiley:

Back to the OP, both “gentile” and “goy” are neutral terms, but like all neutral terms, they can be used with a derogatory sneer on one’s lips.

Now I am speaking to you Gentiles. (Romans 11:13)

Therefore remember that at one time you Gentiles in the flesh, called the uncircumcision by what is called the circumcision, which is made in the flesh by hands-- (Ephesians 2:11)

For this reason I, Paul, a prisoner for Christ Jesus on behalf of you Gentiles-- (Ephesians 3:1)

It is a perfectly good word, used by Jesus Christ and his apostles to refer to non-Jews.

Good references, thanks. I will look them up this week.
Next question:

   What about in the bible where Jesus sends apostles out to talk to the Jews and not the non-Jews. I am having a harder time having faith in Christ as I get older I believe in God, but I have a hard time believing in a personal God, and knowing that the early apostles even Christ himself said Gentile, makes me think. " Whats the point if I'm second class"

I’m gonna post another discussion on the old prophets if you want in on it.

You know that mormons call all non-mormons “gentiles”, even jews!

 From where did you get this information. Like almost all of my friends are Mormon. I'm going to text them right now, lol 


Gentiles aren’t second class to Jesus. They were considered outsiders by the Jewish people. Most of them worshiped multiple pagan Gods. Jesus has to specifically tell his disciples to minister to the gentiles because otherwise it wouldn’t have occured to them.

I just remembered – I’m in the process of slogging through the writings of Tertullian right now, and he referred to non-Christians as Gentiles.

Why? I fail to understand this reaction. The Jewish individual would be simply expressing what his faith teaches, as Meltzerboy pointed out there are other terms which can be used offensively. For example shiksa is a term some here will know, I worked for a Jewish gentleman for about half a decade who ran a travel and tourism company. He was dating a Catholic girl with mixed Polish and Lithuanian ancestry during this period. I remember a blazing row between him and his brother who was ultra-Orthodox who started abusing her to her face and saying she was a tramp who was leading his brother on. She of course was upset and started crying and my employer informed his brother to get out and that he no longer wished to see him. He explained to me after as he knew me well that his brother had been having these sort of arguments with he and his father and mother for many years and was prone to making nasty comments about non-Jews in general and had made himself unwelcome in the family home due to his increasingly fanatical attitude on the subject. Now that is offensive but the term gentile is merely a descriptive term and as pointed out it can also be used (although it rarely is in western Christianity any more) to refer to non-Christians.

From a Jewish point of view I am a gentile and I do not find the word troublesome in any manner.

 I think its like being called an infidel by a Muslim radical; I don't know why we are suppose to be sensitive to this cultural religion of people  when they have a special name for everyone that isn't in their group in this politically correct world. I think its a double standard;  I'm not one of  "God's people " 

On that other note, I had found out the Mormons do call all others Gentiles who aren’t in their church, I don’t think I’ll be going back there anytime soon, LOL


The word “infidel” means someone who rejects a religion. May every Muslim radical I meet always refer to me as one!

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