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Hi guys…I just feel like I don’t want to be an altar server anymore…I guess Im like a hypocrite going up there(altar) to serve.Yea there(altar),I may look innocent but when Im not in the church,I act like a useless,irrational teen.Its not that I think I,m too sinful,its just that I dont feel I belong there serving God.
So I dont want to be an alter server anymore because

1.Im a hypocrite,in church i act good but outside its different.
2.I cant stand to see my neighbours,(people who know the real me),looking at me at the altar.They know what my real personality is outside.And I just cant bear it anymore.

I guess if you wanna be an altar server,you gotta be good in and outside the church.Not to say ‘perfect’ but good.

I think what I’m doing is right.My quitting would protect the good name of altar servers.Maybe I,ll just become an ordinary comer for mass.


BCG - no one who is called on to serve God, in however small a capacity, feels truly worthy. If they DID feel worthy then that would be cause for worry. It is an honour of which no one can possibly be worthy, but one that God graciously gifts to the unworthy nonetheless, like the Eucharist itself.

Didn’t Moses protest that he was not fit to serve as a prophet of God, being slow of speech?

Didn’t Isaiah say ‘woe to me for I am a man of unclean lips’ - lips which God then proceeded to purify with coals of His own fire?

Didn’t St Peter say ‘depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man’?

Didn’t St Paul call himself chief of all sinners?


If you don’t want to be an alter server, that’s fine, just keep going to Mass…You think you are the only irrational teenager out there?..You’re very young and nobody is perfect, you think all alter people are so “good”…We are all sinners, that’s why we have Jesus Christ, so we can confess our sins to Him and follow Him…Confess your sins, join a church youth group and start praying…God bless you:)


thanks guys for your replies.:slight_smile: I,ll continue to go to mass as usual.:slight_smile:


Jesus did not come for the near perfect, he came for sinners the completely imperfect. he came to reforge the broken into something beautiful.

you now see your sin more than if you wernt an alter server, this is no mistake.


Actually, you sound pretty normal to me.

If Irrational teens and people who aren’t always good outside of church couldn’t be altar servers, we would have no altar servers.


i’m no altar server but in general i feel the same way when inside of Church. When i am exposed to the Presence of Jesus in the Tabernacle i usually will be focused and in the right state of mind even if my day up to this point was in no way spiritually contemplative. The transformation that takes place on the inside of me is explainable in no other way other than that exposure to the Presence.

This could be what you are going through. This is a ploy used by satan to keep us out of Churches and out of the Lord’s Presence. Truly, no one is worthy. Note that this is not an excuse for you to be extra sinful when outside of Church. But you MUST approach the Church or any sacraments/sacramentals with a true spirit of contrition.


I didnt like alter serving either. So I switched and became a nursery helper. You know, where the little kids play while their parents are at mass? Turns out the kids were hilarious, kept me entertained and made me feel like I should be a better example for them.It was a great move, here I am now 13 years later as a middle school teacher.

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