Don't know? Ask your diocesan worker!

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Say, I think a big factor lost in many of these threads – at least in this sub-forum – is that of the role of the Parish and Diocesan workers themselves in answering questions relating to ex-members of SSPX Society Chapels.

Hey, it works like this:

Today *Willie Roe *is a hard-charging university student, majoring in Rocket Science.

He was raised as little or nothing by parents who themselves had no formal religion.

In his early teens, Willie Roe stumbled into a SSPX Society Chapel, and over the course of x amount of time was baptized and made his First Communion, eventually being confirmed by Society Bishop Y.

Now, Willie Roe won’t go near the place.

Ever so often he goes to Mass at a regular diocesan church, but wants to know: “What do I have to do?”

HINT: In my diocese at least, practically nothing at all. I know 'cause as an auxiliary member of the local diocese palace guard myself, I knew which DRE to quietly ask on Willie’s behalf, and got both of us a straight answer.

MORAL? “If in doubt, ask your DRE!”

She’ll know all about SSPX marriages, baptisms, first holy communions, etc.

And, no! “She won’t bite you!”:smiley:


And it strays into lay women holding teaching authority in the church. That is something that is not allowed.

Of course “we shouldn’t have milk monitors” is not the same as “Jilly is a bad person for volunteering as milk monitor” or even “Jilly is doing a bad job as milk monitor”. However when women start giving religious instruction to adult men you will soon see problems develop.

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In so far as it goes I couldn’t agree with you more; if we look at what you just said in a Anglo North American perspective it’s more like 99.8% to a flat 100.01% on target.

However, here, in Kwa Zulu Landia, things are different, and as our particular cultural complex of smoke and mirrors is concerned, not just different, it’s radically different.:wink:

Maybe that’s why when a certain brother with a 4-year diploma from a US fine arts college decided to introduce his own verion of the so-called Maplethrope Artistic Vision into the local Priory of the SSPX by placing a beautiful portrait of Our Lady of Guadelupe in a public rest room used by both sexes plus a portrait of the Last Supper in the Brothers’ personal latrine, shock and rage was restricted to the Hispanic population as a whole.

Anglo traditionalists, both male and female, took it in stride.

Thanks for the input!


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