Don't know how to discern Vocation, or Schooling for it. Feeling helpless


Dear Friends.

I am almost 19. Single. Live with parents. Catholic. Chaste.

I have no Idea what Vocation I have. I don’t know. And sometimes it gets to me because I don’t know. I see kids my age going to college, knowing what they are going to do, working.
And I don’t even go to college yet. We can barely pay bills, I have no job to support me and lastly nothing to study about! I want to. But I ask myself “for what?”. I hear all these stories from people out of college after years and still can’t find employment, and it scares me. My family is wonderful, healthy thanks be to God, and Catholic. My mother is burning for God, lol. God has helped my mother plant little seeds of Faith in many people and relatives.

I cannot go to a Spiritual Director because once I make an appt. it takes about a month to go in, and He is on vacation I believe.

I don’t know what is to happen. I saw a priest and he looked at me and told me I was going to do big things in the name of the Lord. My mother told me the same thing. And with such assurance. But I ask myself “How? How Am I going to serve the Kingdom of the Lord when I can’t even pay my cell phone bill!?” The nun consecrated life is beautiful, but I just feel like it’s not for me, and I am scared of being alone as I am very attached to my family, but then that worries me because God says you must chose him over your family BARE WITH ME I am scrupulous.:o The only thing I am good at is really playing the Piano, what the heck am I gonna do with that!? Music was a burning passion I have had for years, but now it has been bumped down for love of all things Spiritual and Holy. I want to be able to defend my faith inward and out, blindfolded, and whatever. Like an apologist. Something I can do for God AND Support myself. Is that wrong? To have a Job concerning God and make money? Where I can help people, and open their eyes without fear of being confronted. But first I must take the log out of my own eye. Deep down I have always hid that I do want to find someone If it be God’s will. I have neeever had a boyfriend or relationship. I just couldn’t get myself to do it and disobey my parents behind their backs and feeling it was a sin. I just feel like after letting those “guys slip away” which I did not even have THE NERVE to talk to is going to be worth it in the end if I do find someone.

I am a mess.:nerd: My life right now consists of watching my Toddler sister as My parents and eldest sister work. Two sisters in school.

How did you discern your Vocation? I told God I wanted to be a warrior for his Kingdom…Now…where to start?:shrug:


I am 16, and im a guy. Start praying, asking yourself what you want. Your true happiness in life will not be the money you earn, or the college degree you have, it will be in either one of two things. A nun, either contemplative or otherwise, or in raising your kids and being with your Souse. Both require sacrifice. Both require prayer. So, please, Pray, Pray, Pray!!. If you do, it will come to you, is there any desire towards motherhood and being a wife? is there any desire in being a nun (they arent just contemplative)? or is there a desire to just simply be, single? (singelhood is an important vocation too!!). Pray to the Sacred HEART of JESUS. Pray that HE will unlock the floodgates of HIS HEART and let you know what you are called to do!!. Personally, i feel i am called to Religious Life/Priesthood, however among the many things that i need to work on, i myself share your unideal Scrupulosity. I am scrupulous as well. Remember however, that as long as you are STRIVING AND TRYING to serve the LORD JESUS, in even the small things (pray to St. Therese), you are a-ok!!:thumbsup:. I feel called to the Priesthood, and to marry JESUS CHRIST and Holy Mother Church. IDK why? but it is what it is. I hope this helps in anyway, and if you want, PM me, and i will give you some more tips if you want!!


Also, start by praying. Praying is first and foremost. Remember, Thanksgiving, Adoration, Petition and Reperation. Go to Holy MASS frequently. As for me discerning my vocation, idk, i gues from the time i was knee high (figuratively), i wanted to be a Priest. I grew up on the Altar, as a Altar Server, perhaps you are called to be single? perhaps you are called to a monastery or a convent? Pray, Pray, Pray. Say, LORD, speak for THY servant is listening. HE will tell you, trust me.


you are not alone! you sound like me, although i am not out of high school and have some general idea of my calling. but i feel i have a calling to the priesthood however i am just not sure how to confirm this calling. i wonder, what if God is really calling me to something else? but i cannot imagine myself being anything else, and i often find myself dreaming about being a priest, the most beautiful part of my dream is when i celebrate mass (in the latin form) and consecrate the host... ah but im getting off subject

anyway i would say to start out, dont think to much about it. dont worry about it constantly. just go with it and it'll come. its all in God's time. you still have your whole life ahead of you. God will reveal His plan to you in the way He wants. Obviously, like the poster above said, just pray to God that He will reveal His calling for you, to you. and after that, all you have to do is trust in Him. place all your cares and concerns on Him and trust in Him. He will take care of you. also think of what you like to do, what talents God gave you, and then think of how you can use them to bring about God's kingdom on earth and to further give Him glory, while also helping His people here on earth. obviously u said u like music and have a strong Faith, what vocation involves this? but Pray. :thumbsup:


and mymamamary! it is good that you think you have a calling! we need more priests. i will pray for your vocation as well:gopray2:


Talk to a holy priest. Tell him that you want help in your discernment process and see if he'll be able to help you in your journey as a spiritual director.


I pray that you will find the right priest to have as a spiritual director. Meanwhile, do pray Our Lady's rosary daily. Pray to your patron saints and guardian angel. Know that I and others on this board will pray for you as well. I will remember you in my daily Office prayers.




There is a reflection by the Trappist monk Thomas Merton which has always resonated with me in regards to discernment:

*"My Lord God I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so.

But I believe that my desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope that I have that desire in all that I am doing. I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire. And I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road though I may know nothing about it.

Therefore will I trust you always though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my perils alone.”

~Thomas Merton, "Thoughts in Solitude"*

Being nineteen and not knowing what path to walk in life is nothing to be worried about, to be honest. Of your friends who are going to college or working, I bet that if you sat them down and pressed them for an answer, most of them wouldn't really know what they want, much less what God wants of them; mostly, people just do what they think that they are "supposed" to do.

With that said, you are in my prayers that you will be able to hear what God is calling you to do. Remember to, God is patient; He'll wait for you to hear Him.


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