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I asked at the Byzcath forum but it’s not as active as CAF and I haven’t gotten any responses yet… sorry if this has been asked (the search isn’t working for me), I just forgot the answer from the point of view of Eastern Catholicism…

I think in the Russian Orthodox church, at least in some parishes, - women do not receive Communion at certain times of the month, ie menses…

what about in the Eastern Catholic churches? the Russian Catholic church? anyone know (especially women)?

You might find this article Ritual Impurity by Mother Vassa interesting. There is also the In Response to Sister Vassa (Larin).

Also, no one who is bleeding is to be in the sanctuary. I’m not sure if that has extended to also prohibited from lighting the lamps in the rest of the temple, etc.

** What the heck!!! Being on your “monthly gift” doesn’t make you “unclean” or “unworthy” to receive holy Communion!!! Its not about your physical condition…its about your spiritual!!! The only reason one shouldn’t receive Communion is if you are in the state of sin. **

So says Pope Battle_Warrior. :cool:


Is there a definite Church teaching on this though, or only opinions?

This is news to me. I have finished a half hour search with GOOGLE, and found NOTHING…ZILCH…NADA about not receiving communion during menstrual periods.

But no lipstick…

thanks for searching! :slight_smile: are you Russian Catholic? (I see you attend a Russian Greek Catholic parish…in your sig). This was never mentioned?

I found something by a Pope (from the early Church…possibly Pope Gregory??) saying that basically, it’s the woman’s choice to receive or not.

It was never a matter of teaching but rather a matter of discipline. It arose out of a misunderstanding of basic human physiology. In years gone by people thought menses were composed of fresh blood as a result of active bleeding. The practice of barring women from the Eucharist during that time of the month was to protect the Precious Blood from, for lack of a better phrase, being bled out. For the same reason priests are still supposed to be forbidden from serving with a bleeding wound and laity is supposed to abstain if they are actively bleeding.

Today we know that menses are not a result of active bleeding, so the the proscription no longer applies. That being said, Eastern Christians as a rule are not as fast to throw out long standing traditions, so in some places this is still practiced. I know this tradition is part of Eastern Catholic heritage but I don’t know how widespread it is in the modern world.

thanks for the reply… that makes sense.

I’m just trying to check that it’s not a ‘rule’… because even if it’s not entirely correct from a physiological perspective, it’s still good to be obedient to the Church

I know in the Latin rite there is no such rule

so in the East, it’s a tradition in some places but not a rule like - fasting before Communion, etc? or is it?

I believe some still enforce it as a rule. But Eastern Catholics tend to not follow such traditions as their Orthodox counterparts do. I guess its part of consolidating belief with the entire Catholic Church.

Ask the priest about this who is advising you regarding fasting.

I am in the process of traansferring from Latin-rite to Greek-rite. Long story

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