Don't know what to do!


I’m not Catholic yet but I’m trying…anyway, my son has some legal problems right now. I need to come off of the road(i’m a truck driver) to be with him. He’s 18 but still needs my help and with the legal issue he has to have someone with him 24/7. I have many debts and have barely been able to make ends meet as it is, though I would never make my son think this is his fault. He’s been living with his dad but the court says he has to leave there and I have to quit my job and get an apartment and a new job so that I can be home with my son. My question is…do i just have faith that the Lord will make things work out? How do I know if he’s telling me to do something that will help our situation. I’m very confused and upset right now. I hope this makes sense to someone and i can get some suggestions. thanks for listening



You’re in a tough situation. I do know that if this is what the Lord is asking of you for now, He will provide you with a job so that you can be home with your son. If the courts feel that he would be better with you than his dad, take it as if God himself is asking this of you. I am sure something will happen soon. Keep putting your trust in the Lord, even when things look so bad. I will keep you in my prayer and your son. Ask the Lord to provide you with an at home job soon. My brother-in-laws are both truck drivers and one is making good money and the other isn’t. I know both have tried to get local truck drivers job and say that they can’t for they don’t get paid enough. I will keep you in prayers. Just remember you are not alone and Jesus loves you and is with you and will provide for you, just trust in Him.


I will pray for you. There are many examples of people stepping out in faith to do what is right, though they were not sure how the next step would get accomplished. It seems that you do have a plan so you can act, but you have to hope that you can get another job.

Another thing is: It would be best to seek out a spiritual director. A priest who you can tell about the whole story, more about your son and yourself. The priest then will be able to advise you better. The priest might not add anything new he may just support you in what you have already outligned as the best decision, but it is good to know that one is not crazy when one decides to step out in faith.


I don’t know what type of legal troubles he has, but would it be possible for him to join you on the road?

Is his Dad kicking him out because he’s 18?


I’m certainly not a lawyer, but this is confusing. Has the court actually ordered you to quit your job? This really sounds funny. Did you have legal representation? Are you sure you understand the order correctly?

If you didn’t have legal representation, I suggest you get some fast. Most law offices will refer you to legal aid if you can’t afford them.

God bless you and good luck.


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