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Urban legend.



Is that for a retreat you’ve done?

Those email campaigns are pretty much done by people who are malicious, but not smart enough to make viruses. is the 2nd best website ever.

I generally dont buy into this kind of stuff but it got me because it came from certain people…thats why I went back and took it off.
Have a great day !

Decolores is Spanish for “All in Colors” which is a song popular in the Cursillo movement. Cursillo is a short course in Christianity which lasts over a 3 day period. The 4th day is the rest of your life after. There are lay persons who give personal testimonies built around the specific area of discussion. There is also a priest who gives some of the talks as well. During your 4th day period you are called to be Christian leader at home, work, and community. You build spiritual groups and meet regularly. The movement is in accordance with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and has the blessings of the pope, bishops, etc…here is the link to the Cursillo Center which I attended. Please let me know if I could help more.

Same to you!

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