Don't P-O the wife guys


My company recently had our “annual late summer thing”. Instead of the usual smacking & chasing little white balls around a big lawn (can you tell I don’t like golf) we decide to go to a paint-ball range.

This is one of those quasi-combat camps where you dress up in a padded suit like a rabid-dog handler with a helmet and face-shield… then sneak around in the woods and try and “kill” the other team?

We drew lots and I was on one team, my wife on the other. After about 10 minutes of manouvering around for a clear shot to pick-off my boss… WHAM…WHAM…

It felt like I got Louisville Slugger’d!
One in the gut, the other a perfect “X” ring bullseye in the chest.

And there’s my wife about 20 yards away with a big 'ol grin:D

I’ll vote for pasture pool next year thank you very much!:wink:


So What you are saying is your wife is a good shot and it scares you huh? I love it!!! Of course I am twisted and as a woman who can outshoot her husband…I think a little fear is a good thing. Seriously, I think men take the whole competition thing a little too seriously. Women don’t compete the same way men do.


LOL, that is great


Your wife is a lucky woman. The fact that you posted this in a public forum shows that you’re a good sport! :thumbsup:


Women don’t compete the same way men do.

Yeah. Men relish their own triumph. Women relish the defeat of their opponent.


:smiley: Are you sure it wasn’t just a lucky shot? Let’s just say it was beginners luck. Sorry, I feel your pain. Btw, those things have to be painful too!


Just be glad the outing WASN’T at a shooting range, and your wife WASN’T holding a Glock 17.



Nope, no “lucky shot” here…

Both “splats” were terminal, and the “X” ring chest round hit first! The gut-shot was just insurance…and both hits are just returning from a great shade of purplebrown bruise from the initial pink. And yes. It HURTS! Baseball batted is a poor analogy.

In all honesty she’d NEVER picked up a firearm before meeting me. It was one of those things where we wanted a “common” interest, and I’d exposed her to trap/skeet shooting… Dummy me!

She’s just got that natural hand/eye/BLAM coordination that makes ducks/geese/bucks shake in their boots…and puts dinner on the table…
Don’t know how’d she’d do with pistol, but in the right (wrong??) circumstances I really wouldn’t want to be on the other end…considering her skills with the “long” guns…


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