Dont really understand the controversry about the " The Passion of the Christ"

I dont really understand how it would supposedly fuel anti-Semitism.The Jews did not crucify Jesus.His crucifixation was suppose to happen and theres no one to blame for that.One part that did’nt make sense is the way (I remember it) was that like after Judas betrays him theres like a bridge in the background and some thing like a creature moves .I’ve got to say that it was goriest movie I’ve seen about Christ but honestly I actually thought it would gorier.I found that one particular baby that Jesus sees when he’s carrying the Cross, unneccesary and creepy.This one gesture two Roman guys did while laughing at the scrouging of Jesus seemed suggestive and Herod’s portrayal and surrounding seemed strange.I liked how that part though when Mary is remembering the stuff that Jesus did like make modern table and how she like said “it will never catch on” or something to that effect.Please dont feel reluctant to correct me if I inaccurately described stuff.I liked the movie and thought it was okay though.However did the controversy come from how it was R rated and what it would be like to get that rating and/or was because of Mel Gibson’s alleged anti-Semitism or how he’s a Traditionalist Catholic?.

wildly popular movie + Christian ( !! :eek:) theme = enraged leftist media elites => manufactured “controversy”

That’s about the gist of it.

Mr. Gibson’s anti-semitism is by no means merely alleged but that’s a whole issue for another thread. Some felt Passion of the Christ relied on Jewish stereotypes at points in the movie and was ressurected old Jews collectively as Christ-killers lie.

Well said. We could take up pages talking about Gibson’s sins. But then again, we could take up pages talking about your sins and my sins as well.

Still, I expect better of him. What you said about the Passion was right on the mark.

We could take up multi-volume novels talking about my sins… I for one felt uncomfortable watching the Passion of the Christ and don’t consider it the artistic triumph some do. I think better movies have been made about Christ. Then again I dislike most of Gibson’s movie work so I admit to a bias there.

It’s the only movie that made me cry :slight_smile:

Um a few movies have made me do that. I personally don’t care for Mel’s moves though, I found Braveheart exceptionally silly for example. The Mad Max movies, or at least the first two have some redeeming qualities.

I thought Passion of the Christ felt at points too much like a fantasy movie a la Lord of the Rings. I thought things got overblown and rather unreal at points.I especially didn’t care for a Satan who came across as a bit like a Dark Lord from a bad fantasy novel at times.

I ignore the controversy. Better to meditate on the Sorrowful Passion and picture Jim Caviezel being whipped at the post. Sends chills down my spine, everytime I pray the Rosary. If it helps to understand our Lord’s passion and be more united with him in his suffering and come closer to his love for us, than the movie fullfilled the mission it was set out to do and any controversy becomes immaterial.

The R rating was assigned because of the graphic violence throughout the film. Even some Christians felt the violence to be too extreme. I, for one, thought it was about time that a film depicted what physically happened to our LORD.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

Ahh… but the resurrection scene at the end makes it all worth it:):):slight_smile:


Well we just have to agree to disagree amicably. I loved those films:)

I thought Passion of the Christ felt at points too much like a fantasy movie a la Lord of the Rings. I thought things got overblown and rather unreal

Surely you jest. I am not a LOTR fan at all; whereas I thought POTC depicted our LORD’s physical ordeals very convincingly.

at points.I especially didn’t care for a Satan who came across as a bit like a Dark Lord from a bad fantasy novel at times.

It’s doggone hard to have a human actor interpret the role of a bodiless being properly:shrug:.


It’s purely a matter of taste. I don’t think Mel makes particularly good movies.If it comes to my earlier comparisions although I’m very fond of the Lord of the Rings and much of Tolkien’s work I think the movie adaptions are in many ways seriously flawed.

Satan is generally best served as been played by a normal man I feel as that accentuates that such evil rests in all just as much as the potential to be as pure as Christ does.

I do find much of Mel’s work troublesome and simplistic. His jingoism in Braveheart and the Patriot leave me cold for example. That’s leaving aside his complete lack of knowledge about history in the former.

I actually have never been able to watch it straight through.

I like the realism of the language, the acting was very good, as were the wardrrobe and make-up.

The flash back scenes were very moving.

BUT I had to stop at the scourging scene. I know our Lord suffered extemely for us…but that scene go past realism to sadism. It made me very uncomfortable…I guess it was supposed to, but my focus shifted from our Lord’s suffering, to the sadism of the Roman soldiers.

I agree, somewhat. But what made me uncomfortable was more that I didn’t really have the same reaction as other people had. I reacted more to the Jesus of Nazareth movie. I just don’t think its THE film everyone MUST see like some Christians and other fellow Catholics want everyone to think. I get much more of an emotional reaction when I attend Stations of the Cross than I did seeing the Passion.

But that potential isn’t there. We are born into sin, and no amount of penance, prayer, suffering or even our own death will reverse that; unlike our LORD.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA

We are born with a tendency to sin due to our parent’s failings. I regard the Eastern Catholic and Orthodox view on the issue of inherited sin as more logical than the west’s on this matter. They are compatible but original sin has always struck me as a dubious concept in the form it is normally formulated in in western theology.

That is off topic though and my point was simply that versions of Satan in black robes carrying monstrous babies and looking serpentine look ‘kewl’ but are ultimately somewhat shallow.

I got the DVD of the Passion of the Christ when it came out and allowed my young sons to watch it with me (7 and 11). All through the scourging and the Crucifixion I was crying. Finally at the end of the movie my youngest son left the room (I thought he was overcome with fear). He came back with his bible and said,“Don’t cry mom, He wins in the end and is OK”:amen:

Talk about, “Out the mouth of babes”:thumbsup:

As graphic and horrible as some scenes were in the movie, it pales and falls very short of what our Lord ACTUALLY went through for all of us. Is this movie for everyone?, Nope, but for alot of us, I dare say most of us, we need to be reminded that THIS is what Jesus Christ endured for us. We look upon His image in art and see a clean and beautiful face, a face with no wounds or blood and forget what He went through during His Passion.

Was this movie “perfect” in every aspect of the events?,nope again, how could it be as Mel Gibson and his crew were not there. Being actors, they took certain “liberties”, but remarkably stayed pretty true to scripture.

My family watches the Passion of the Christ every year during Lent and we meditate on the sufferings that our Lord endured for Our salvation our of love for us.

As for Mel Gibson, I will pray for him as I truly believe that the Holy Spirit motivated him to make this movie. Pray that his heart is touched and soul is healed.

I’m sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but aren’t those pharisee blameable for what they did? We don’t make excuses for Judas not going as far as to say he’s in Hell but by no means do any Catholics proclaim him to be in Heaven. Well what makes the Pharisee any different? They had Free Will and by their own envy and caution they wanted this rabblerouser named Jesus crucified.

We should remember our Lord probably agreed with many of the views of the Phraisee’s. It wasn’t their beliefs he was scathing about but rather their actions. Also I do feel at times that there is some truth in the accusations of anti-semitiism in this movie. Mel and his father have both disturbed me at times with their remarks over they years on various subjects.

Hi all,
‘The Passion of the Christ’ is an excellent piece of film-making because it shows clearly what CCC 597-598 state. We are all collectively guilty.
(This is alluded to in the scene where Mel Gibson’s left hand can be seen holding the nail that is driven into one of Jesus’ hands.)
God Bless,

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