Don't Support Devilish Music(Rock Music)!!!

Hi again.I just went back from a Life In Spirit Seminar two days ago and the priest was talking about how people got influenced by the devil.He talked about cults,occults,spirit of the coin,magic.But one thing was really getting my attention when the priest was talking about how people today are influenced by the devil through music(rock music,country music,etcetera).

During his talk,he mentioned bands and singers like John Lennon,Beatles,Eagles,Beach Boys and more!I was shocked to hear that these people were involved in Satanism!!.

Yes, Our Lady of the Roses cautions us not to listen to Rock and Roll music.

I like how Saint Paul says it in Ephesians 5.19.

Don’t get distracted from Church music by popular culture.

Hi again.I just went back from a Life In Spirit Seminar two days ago and the priest was talking about how people got influenced by the devil.He talked about cults,occults,spirit of the coin,magic.But one thing was really getting my attention when the priest was talking about how people today are influenced by the devil through music(rock music,country music,etcetera).

During his talk,he mentioned bands and singers like John Lennon,Beatles,Eagles,Beach Boys and more!I was shocked to hear that these people were involved in Satanism!!.

And before this,I was thinking like “man,music today is so bad.singers and bands tosday are always singing about sex,drugs,girls,love(eros=sexual love) and etcetera.Why cant we go back listening to the 60’s or 70’s music like Beatles,Eagles Guns and Roses,Santana.” That was what I thought last time,and now I know that Im dead wrong!

These bands from the past are also as bad as bands and singers now!They include in their music drugs,sex and killing.

So what does this mean?It means that the Devil has been tempting and has been spreading his evil influence from the past till now!

So what are we going to do about it?We should warn everyone about devilish music and how it affects and kills the young minds of today.For parents,please ensure your kids are not involved in this spirit killing music.

So this post is as a warning and I would like those who read this post to add singers or bands who are devilish in their music in your reply(doesn’t matter if its past or present bands

So,thats all my brothers and sisters in Christ.I hope that if we work together.Evil will lose his power over the people of today.:thumbsup:

If u want to know more about devilish music just go to this site

bangs head on desk

I can’t believe I’m reading this… from fellow Catholics no less…

… but I’ll try to be nice.

If you guys have issues with a song’s lyrics, that’s always up for debate.
But please, for the love of God and reason (two things the Church is very big on might I add), please do not say rock music is bad just from the way it sounds.

It’s reasons like that I always find so common among anti-rock religious.

You’re right. We need to stay away from songs with such satanic messages as, “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Desperado,” and “Surfin’ USA.” Anyone who listens to this stuff will go straight to Hell. We should boycott radio and hold prayer vigils outside music stores.

Seriously, this has always been a pet peeve of mine. No one has ever been negatively influenced by music. Yes, you can be influenced by bad lyrics, but that does not make a genre bad. and just because something isn’t Christian, it does not make it satanic. Are you seriously going to tell me that we should avoid the band who made songs like “Kokomo,” “Good Vibrations,” and “Wouldn’t it be Nice” (which is about how wonderful marriage is, by the way)?

If you insist on putting a whole musical genre in a box, why not look at modern rap/hip hop. They are constantly denegrading women, advocating violence, and promoting drug use. I think people are much more likely to be adversely affected by these than by “Instant Karma.”

You surely cannot be serious…:confused:

You cannot condemn a whole genre of music just because of a few bad song lyrics!

I do not see how the Beatles, Eagles…are satonic. Sure, their lyrics might not be the ideal Christian values, but I really don’t think people should label the entire genre as bad.

Whereas, there are certian artists, for example Marylin Manson who fit this descrption “I’m not a slave to a God who dosen’t exist. I’m not a slave to a world that dosen’t give a sh**”, and rap artists gloryfing sex so that young people think it’s ok.

I think people need to sit down and look at what is really affecting the minds of people.


Amen! And if you look at the personal lives of many classical (in the collective sense, including stuff like the romantic period) muscians, they certainly did not promote very moral lifestyles compared to “evil pop groups” like the Osmonds. You know the Church at one point banned musical instruments and polyphony because they have roots in paganism?

To the OP, have you even looked through that bloody “jesus-is-savior” site? It’s a hate site. It annoys me more than Jack Chick. It’s an anti-Semetic, anti-Catholic, anti-woman, anti-logic, anti-anything-but-extreme-fundamentalism site whose webmaster believes that everyone but people like him are going to hell. Great breeding grounds for scrupulosity.

And really, people who manage to find drug/sex/violence references in the majority of oldies music just have perverted minds. If the artists themselves don’t explain the lyrics of their songs, I think it’s extremely presumptuous to assume there are inapproriate references. Spreading falsehoods makes you just as bad as the artists who do sing about dirty topics.

I’m afraid I’m going to offend some classic rock lovers out there, but…
The Eagles? The Beachboys? Does ANYBODY listen to them anymore? Hotel California? Really?
That, and Mustang Sally are probably the most painful songs I’ve ever had to hear.
I told my DJ at my wedding if he played any Eagles he could expect not to get paid. I was serious.
All that being said, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with any of the music on the radio til I had kids. And now I’m like ‘Nope, can’t listen to that, nope, not that either, and definitely not THAT!’
It’s hard to think of one artist on mainstream radio that isn’t at least a little bit trashy.

So what do you listen to? Do you think the artists on the classical music station are any less “trashy”? What about contemporary Christian music? What if their lyrics about spiritual transformation have underlying drug themes? How do you know their personal lives are completely spot free?

Really, are people this scrupulous about other things? Can we not appreciate poetry, books, plays, films, visual artwork from flawed people? Certainly all wholesome Catholic artists and entertainers have been influenced directly or indirectly by the secular arts. Guess we should throw one massive blanket statement over all art and say it’s all the work of the devil. Prepare the fabric softener.

For clarification, this is the kind of stuff I’m talking about: Debussy is one of my favorite composers (he is like progressive rock decades before it existed). But I certainly wouldn’t want him raising my children.

Debussy had a turbulent personal life. In 1889 he began a nine-year affair with Gabrielle Dupont, and a brief but concurrent affair with the singer Therese Roger. He married his first wife, Rosalie Texier, known as Lily, in 1899. He left her in 1904 for Emma Bardac, who was already married, and who divorced her husband for Debussy. Debussy married Bardac in 1908, and they stayed together for the rest of his life. They had a daughter, Claude-Emma.

Neither Rosalie nor Gabrielle were happy when their relationships with Debussy split. In fact, they were both so upset that they both shot themselves (on separate occasions). Happily, neither woman managed to kill herself.

I don’t judge a song by its band. Heck I’m not even a band person (though I do prefer certain songs of certain bands sometimes). Liking how a song sounds and what it means to me, does not automatically mean I approve of whatever crazy stuff the band singing it is doing. (Frankly, I don’t even really care. It’s their life, not mine. I just like music that sounds good to my ears. Period.)

Furthermore, ever heard of songs such as If Everyone Cared? I’d sure like to see you call an inspirational song like that a “song of the devil”.:rolleyes:

Frankly, I’d rather warn people about the mentality you’re promoting. As a Catholic, you should be more reasonable than this. Seriously, you’re not doing us any favors with this kind of mindset.


That site also says that playing Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! are gateways to witchcraft. And trust me, you don’t wanna get an argument with me about that. XD

To quote the line from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

“Do you know who else has hands? The DEVIL! And he uses ‘em for HOLDIN’!”

Seriously, God made all music good. I can hear a good guitar solo and it’ll lift my soul much more than “Rock of Ages” or Gregorian Chant. (Now, Gregorian Chant over a bed of symphonic metal music, though, is very cool!)

Hm, that might depend for me. Mostly on how well the monks can hold their pitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pope Benedict the XVI condones Gregorian Chant and Sacred Polyphony. As a musician himself, it would be wise to take his advice.

Sure I’ll listen to Gregorian Chant… just as soon as I need music matching a medieval character/scene/setting/scenario.

Not right now though. I’m looking for something more along the lines “hot”, “action-pumped”, and uh… what was that last one… oh yeah… “fiery super-attacks”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see how rock music can be considered evil, even if the lyrical content is anti-christian.

It must have more to do with the one listening to the music. I listen to rock music and some of it is not very pro-christian, but I can’t see how that matters.

Just like if I satanist made a hammer to be used to hit people on the head with and I buy it and use to build a house is the hammer still bad? Is it a evil hammer?

I have a toaster assembled by Hitler, do I have to buy a new toaster?

You are absolutely right!!! Praise God that we have people on this board with common sense that speak the truth!

Browsing my iTunes library, I was suprised to see how Satan had gotten ahold of me ever so subtly. How to Save a Life by the Fray? Maybe I should worry about my spiritual life and what it will turn into if I keep this in my library! Flood by Jars of Clay? If I keep them around, the gates of hell will burst and flood my soul! Eight Days a Week by the Beatles?!! God only made seven days, what is this blasphemy!!!

OH THE ANGUISH! I had to run outside to catch my breath, but to my dismay, I was standing on a sidewalk! And not a church sidewalk! A SECULAR sidewalk! Probably built by an ATHEIST, and traversed by a sinful drug dealer at some point! I was supporting Satan by STANDING ON IT INSTEAD OF STANDING ON SOLID ROCK (Matthew 7:24!)! And don’t get me started on the air I was breathing. That secular air, probably breathed by a Satanist listening to Pink Floyd!!!

In all seriousness, I think this quote from Simon Rosen of Crimson Moonlight (a Christian black metal group) sums it up: “We believe that all kinds of music are now neutral. I mean, a music genre cannot be “evil” itself. It all depends on the purpose: why you’re doing it and what the lyrics are about. I will use an illustration to explain: a knife in the hands of a murderer can kill life, but a knife in the hands of a doctor can save life. Now is the knife evil itself? No, it depends on how you use it. The power is in our hands to decide what we want to use music for. I know that many black metal fans react badly when we use the words “black metal” to describe our music, and we are sorry if we make people upset for that. But for us, black metal is a musical genre. Listen to Veil of Remembrance and tell me what kind of music it is.”

Also, if someone singing about love and relationships is enough to make you think they are Satanic, I feel for you. God forbid we talk (and sing) about something other than religion.

You had me until you said:

Hi again.I just went back from a Life In Spirit Seminar

Heh. Actually, it’s theologically acceptable to state that the Resurrection is the 8th day of Creation, so, there really are eight days a week.

I would take his advice more on the basis of him being Pope than a muscian (and yes, I do like Gregorain chant). There are plently of Catholics (including Latin Rite) on the site who are musicians and condone both traditional chant and popular music.

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