Don't Take This For Granted!


After Mass today I ran into a childhood friend, I’m in my 50’s, who is cradle catholic and raised in the same city as I. It was wonderful to see him…not so great to speak with him….

After Mass we spoke. He had some strange ideas. Jesus is just one of many “prophets” etc… had been going to calvary “church” and was learning a “lot”….

We discussed his going through a slight dark period as I am as well. Our lives have paralleled in education/career etc….This led to his doubts and strange ideas.

It is leading me to a closer connection with the Christ. I am so blessed to have been exposed as I have to solid traditional Catholicism that is not shaken even though life’s struggles weigh heavy at times.

We are truly blessed if we get closer to Christ and the Church in rough times as opposed.

Pray for those drifting away,


Thanks for the post. I will also keep you in my Christmas prayers.

Got me thinking…

Should someone who holds such belief, basically Jesus = Mohammed, be receiving the Eucharist?

There was so much just crazy about their theology…These “christian” churches are bizarre.

I asked if had read the Church Fathers as many of the “new ideas” were hashed out in the first few 100 years. He had not and did not seem too interested.


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