Don't think I can go to confession and worried

Sorry to interrupt but I just do not know what to do. Today, my family and I will be going to Church for Good Friday. I have committed some mortal sins (I would rather not say what they were), and I want my soul to be clean for the Easter Vigil Mass tomorrow night. I want to go to confession but the problem is that confessions can only be heard in Arabic and Aramaic (I am Chaldean). I do not know how to speak any of those languages ( I speak only English), and there is no English Catholic Church nearby, and I doubt my parents will drive all the way across the county. If I pray to God and have the intention to go to penance later, can I still receive communion tomorrow? I usually go to penance in my school, where the priest holds voluntary confessions during lunch (I go to a Catholic high school). So I was thinking when I am done from break I can go. Can I do that or is it still wrong to receive the Eucharist? Thanks and God Bless.

Is it possible to type out your sins and then use Google translator or something to translate them into Arabic and/or Aramaic, along with an explanation that you do not speak these languages but still needed to go to confession, and then print it out and give that to the priest? It will probably come out garbled, but as long as he gets the gist … he can say the absolution in his language. I think I read somewhere on here, like AAA, that when there is a language barrier, it is valid to write one’s sins and give them to the priest, but he still has to say the absolution out loud. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Or find someone who is willing to take you across the county.

I’m pretty sure we are not supposed to presume on forgiveness in future confessions unless we are in danger of imminent death.

I would also use Google or another translator program. Google translate is pretty good as long as you don’t get too complicated. For example, don’t type something like “I have committed the mortal sin of contraception.” Just type “My sins” at the top of the paper and then list them “contraception 2 times” etc.

At the top of the paper you can type “I do not speak Arabic.”

If you don’t know the Act of Contrition by heart bring that and the priest should let you say it in English.

But no, you can’t receive Communion and then Confess later. Confession comes first.

Like the person above me said, but I’ll say this. Use Google translate or something and use like… one word or so for each sin and translate it. Copy and paste the translations into Notepad, Word, whatever writing program you have along with a translation of something simply stated like “I speak English” and print it out.

TTC Are you sure you’re not looking for an excuse to miss confession?

I’m just asking 'cos when I was a young guy I would commit mortal sins of one kind or another and be totally embarrassed or ashamed, so ashamed that I would try and justify not confessing them. And too ashamed to tell my parents, or too ashamed not to go to communion and have to explain to my parents why I didn’t receive.

Of course, I may be totally off base.

If I could live my life over again would go to confession ASAP: if you have to use google use it, but I am sure hat the priests in the church nearby have heard confessions in English before, even if they don’t speak it very well.

Google Translate or an online English-Arabic dictionary would be a good solution.

Bear in mind you don’t have to receive communion on Easter, and that you mustn’t if you aren’t able to confess.

Yes, perhaps your parents might raise eyebrows and/or ask you why you aren’t receiving, however remember that your sins are only your business, God’s and your priest’s, not your parents or anyone else’s.

Kindly but firmly tell anyone who asks something like ‘I have sins that need confession, none of them involving you, and haven’t been able to confess’. Repeat - exactly the same words - if anyone tries to pry.

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