Don't use the words husband and wife! Coalition's same-sex wedding reforms would axe terms from official documents

*Currently couples marrying in a register office must pledge to take each other as ‘my wedded husband’ or ‘my wedded wife’.

If marriage law is reformed in line with the rewrite of red tape, then couples will be required at a civil wedding to pledge themselves to ‘my wedded partner’.

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A senior MP who defended the institution of marriage has received death threats and hate mail, it emerged last night.

*Tory David Burrowes, a ministerial aide to Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, said he has been sent scores of intimidating emails and messages on social networking sites over his opposition to gay marriage.

Mr Burrowes, a Christian father of six, was forced to pass on the messages to police.

He said he was more worried about the intolerance displayed in the threats than the actual risk to his life.

But the North London MP has had to seek security advice after one website published details of his travel arrangements and urged campaigners to confront him.**

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