Don't vote for pro-abortion candidates, urges Church

The Catholic Church has urged the Northern Irish electorate against voting for candidates who support abortion.
It also called on those elected to Stormont on May 5 to refrain from supporting laws permitting same-sex marriage.
In a pastoral reflection published yesterday, bishops also lambasted the previous Assembly for its failure to tackle childhood poverty, and appealed for the parties to make it their top priority in the next term.

**Perhaps politicians who vote for so-called “child support” laws (which incarcerate poor parents) are the ones who truly enable abortion.
Just because it is illegal does not mean that it never happens. **

When was the last time you heard from the pulpit to not vote for a pro-abortion candidate in your Church? With 53 % of American Catholics voting for pro-abortion candidates I think most priests look the other way. The really sad thing is some of the priests vote the same way.

Probably not since the 1950’s. And with good reason. If they do the churches they’re members of could lose their tax exempt status in the US.,-Churches-and-Politics

Sigh. This is great advice, of course, but I can’t help feeling depressed when the issue comes up as a Canadian. Abortion is a 100% taboo subject on our political scene. The Conservatives were in power for a decade and PM Harper forbid his MPs from bringing the issue of abortion up (while claiming he is personally pro-life) because he knew even touching the abortion issue would be political suicide. Thus even when casting my vote for a candidate who is personally pro-life I know it does NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. We remain the only developed country in the world with no legal restrictions on abortion because no one will dare touch the subject…there’s just no legislation on it period. Its sick. Its shameful. It is beyond the pale.

There is no way I could vote for a pro-abortion candidate – I have three adopted children in my family and if their mothers had gone to Planned parenthood those “kids” would not be part of my family – I am very much PRO-LIFE!!!

They lose their tax exempt status only if they endorse or condemn a particular candidate not if they speak out on an issue. The same should be true if they speak against same sex marriage, (which they won’t do). The exception being I foresee a day coming that merely speaking out against same sex marriage will result in prison time… We made our bed, now we have to sleep in it

So the Church in America is only as strong as the Tax Code allows! If that’s true it’s truly sad.

I hear you!! :frowning:

And theres the main reason why the CC and secular authorities today are so buddy buddy with each other.

Id much rather live in a city where the predominant christian church and the secular leaders (city/ state), are constantly disagreeing and ‘battling’, this would at least show me the church is trying to stand up for what its supposed to anyway.

Then the only candidate to vote for is Cruz because Kasich and Trump favor abortions “with exceptions.”

God Bless you!:thumbsup:

twf and Josie L. What would happen if a group of people, say a library group that had a debate event planned each weak, and abortion was the topic? Is there something about speaking in public that is not allowed?

Once there was a violent murder that Canada had silenced any reporting of through radio broadcast. They blocked out the broadcasts that were listened to on the US side of the border in Michigan and Ohio. A fuss was made over it but didn’t last very long. So strange.

Wonder how many people have left the church because of this ambiguity? I know quite a few who have.

I have never understood people leaving over such things–where exactly can they go?

Maybe she just meant outside the building, like the parking lot or or playground?

I got nothing.

I actually wrote a paper on abortion (pro-life stance) in college and it was well-received (maybe because the woman was a practicing Jew), and I myself have no issues debating or discussing abortion, however, some people are rather rabid about women’s rights and none more so than Quebec citizens, I recollect an incident wherein a bunch of feminists had entered Mary Queen of The World cathedral intent on desecrating the hosts in the Tabernacle, luckily, there were tourists/local men who prevented them for doing just that.

I think many Canadians however are less pro-choice than you would imagine, in fact, the majority would like to see abortion restrictions, but it’s like the politicians are too scared to touch upon the issue of abortion because the elites, and especially the media, the CBC being the worst, are wholly dedicated to maintaining the status quo. Believe it or not, pro-choice groups still believe they can do more to make this country pro-abortion. Unbelievable!!!

p.s. The movement is growing, however, and I believe many more Canadians will embrace the pro-life stance (we were the biggest assembly ever to demonstrate on Parliament hill).

That link is full of half-truths.

In simple terms, a “church” (in a generically religious sense) is automatically tax-exempt. It need not apply for 501©(3) since the IRS has no jurisdiction to tax them in the first place. If anything, applying for 501©(3) subordinates a church to the state since the church is requesting a Mother May I from Caesar.

The Mormon church does not accept tax exempt status, and I wish the Catholic Church in the U.S. would do the same.

Ideologically, I agree. But the thought of even more of our tax money going to abortion or whatever puts a damper on the idea for me. The fact they’d be getting tax money from the Catholic Church for these things adds insult to injury. Maybe there’s something I’m missing.

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