Don't we pray more to Mary than to Jesus in the Rosary?

Why are there 10 hail Mary’s to only 1 Our Father in this devotion? A friend of mine said we are paying too much tribute to mary over Jesus?

Dear Mike,

Once we begin the rosary, the vocal prayer forms a background for a deeper silent prayer as we reflect on the mysteries, the various aspects of the life of Jesus.

After acknowledging Mary’s favor before God as the Angel Gabriel did, we ask her to pray for us as we finger each bead. So throughout the rosary Mary is praying for us as we meditate on the life of her Son. The thrust of the rosary is the story of our Salvation. Both her attention and ours are focussed on the life of Jesus. When we pray the rosary, Mary prays with us!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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