Door mat and or Saints

I read this in the apologetic thread and thought I might bring it to your mind.

So, what is the difference between a “door mat” and a Saint?
Can one differenciate between,
Or is a saint one who is “***chosen by God ***for a specific reason at a perfect time God chooses”. Or is a saint only one who is so as to speak a “door mat”? :o
A person who gives in to others wims, takes the agrivations, vengences or bullying from others because they are so timid?
If so who would want to be a saint!:frowning:


My dear friend littleone

Here are some posts I made a few days ago may shed light on this-

Q. Why should I bother trying to become a Saint if I’m going to be perfectly happy if I go to Heaven anyway?
A. My theory. God is Love. Heaven is God. Therefore Heaven is the ultimate experience of Love for man. Our happiness in Heaven is contingent on how much we love. The more we love the greater our happiness will be. In order to love more we must receive more grace which is love. The practice of a very virtuous life will lead to much grace which is love coming into our souls. Everyone wants to love and be loved. This is the deepest longing in our hearts and this can only be satisfied in Heaven where we experience the love of infinite Love which is God. Once we die we cannot increase the amount of love in our hearts and souls. The love we have is purified to perfection and made as pure, innocent, simple and selfless as it can be in purgatory. It is not increased in purgatory it is simply made perfect. We shall be perfectly happy in Heaven no matter what our capacity to love is. But how much more happy are the Saints. In Heaven when we see and experience God we will be seeing and experiencing Love. The only thing we will want to do is love God back in Heaven. The more Love we have in our souls the greater our capacity to love God back. So while it is true we shall be perfectly happy if we get there and can only love a little would it not be better to be able to love a great deal and have far more happiness? If we’re sane we will want to love and be loved as much as possible in Heaven. This is why the church tells us we are called to be saints no doubt. So we can be happier in this life and the next. This is why our lord tells us to love God above all and love all men as ourselves. The more we love now the happier we will be later.
This is my theory. What are your thoughts and ideas?


What is a saint? Good question. This is my idea in brief.

Lets pick a day, say tomorrow. We wake up and say to God, today I will be a saint. We tell God I’m not going to commit a mortal sin today and I’m going to fight against venial sin. I’m going to do a lot of prayer which includes my rosary and meditation and the usual morning offering, angelus etc. I’ll try to pray the whole day and night 24 hrs in the different forms of prayer, My number one priority is to go to mass and receive holy communion, I’ll also spend time in a visit to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, I’ll turn all my work, family duties, sleeping, cleaning, eating and everything into the prayer of doing Gods will, I’ll try and keep the presence of God all day, I’ll study my faith a little and be apostolic in some way, I’ll make some sacrifices and perhaps give some money to the church or a charity. And I’ll make this my best day ever and offer this as my prayer of love to God. And you do it for just the one day. You feel great. You’ve had the best day of your life. God is exceedingly pleased too and He rewards you with much grace which is His love in your soul. This enables you to try and do it even better the next day. The next day comes and you say - today is going to be the best day of my life. And it is , and one day at a time you live like a saint. All the while accumulating grace. If one day you fail in some way you march right on confess and just keep going. Your goal is to string together as many days as you can, whilst only being concerned with trying to be a saint today. Over time you string more and more days together. Eventually the number of days strung together grows and with the grace you’ve accumulated your day is much better than early on. Your goal is to have the best day of your life for the rest of your life now.

You become a saint by being a saint one day at a time. If one day is too long try 1 hr or 1 min. Keep going no matter what. Let nothing sway you from the goal. Ignore all the ups and downs and persevere always.

Eventually you fill your soul with so much grace you are a saint.

A soul in grace is holy. A soul overflowing with grace means sanctity. our Lady was full of grace - this means She had more grace than anyone.

I hope this makes sense to you?

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

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