Dose your church approve of contraception.

All Protestant denominations considered artificial contraception a sin up until the Anglican Lambeth Conference of 1930. At that conference, the Anglican Communion decided that artificial contraception was no longer a sin and the rest of mainstream Protestantism followed suit. What is your thinking.

Here’s my thinking. There is a reason there are thousands and thousands of protestant faith communities. Everytime they have a conference they redefine some article of faith (or so it seems). The Anglican Communion is in crisis now because they can’t agree on ordaining ‘gay’ bishops. They also are OK with divorce, contraception,and homosexual relationships. Some Anglican faith communities accept the ordination of women and some do not. Anglicans don’t belief that in vitro fertilization is a religious issue, Catholics do. Anglicans have are liberal on abortion, Catholic teaching forbids it…period.

The Catholic Church is consistent on all of these above issues and has been for 2000 years…why you ask? Because truth does not change and is not subject to reinterpretation based upon culture.

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Boy talk about grabbing the bull by the ole horns:rotfl: I have never seen a person come on and get to the point so fast in my life. If I didn’t know better I would say my Dad just came back to life. Good answer. Complete, to the point and short! And nothing to argue about!:D:extrahappy:

I understand that the Eastern Orthodox churches do not have the same “inherently evil” position on contraception that the Catholic Church does. Is that a recent backslide or have they always had caveats and exceptions for contraception in those churches??

read post # 3 it has all the answers

Huh? Post #3 does not mention the EO. The great schism solidified half a millenium before Luther was born. Surely you aren’t calling the EO protestant??

this is why I like being Catholic. Our Church is consistent on all of these issues, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, the ordination of women, etc. all of them are wrong.

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