Doth this defeat Catholicism/Judaism?



It is not the fact that the claim is unique that is significant…it is the fact that the claim is true.

No other major world religion claims its founder was God. (There are lots of little fringe wackos that I’m not considering here.) Christianity not only makes the claim but also offers a preponderance of evidence that the claim is true.

If - and I’ll say IF for your sake here - If Jesus is God, then that’s a pretty big differentiation between Christianity and all other religions.

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But that is not the argument.

History proves the Bible - completely apart from God.
A historically accurate Bible mentions Jesus and his claim to be God.

It’s not circular but linear.

If A, then B. If B, then C and so on.

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Just because something in the Bible is true doesn’t mean it’s all true.


I ask you this: what in the Bible is definitively untrue?

NB: You must exclude figurative language – sorry, but that’s an obvious one.



Well we can find several different tellings of the story of who came to the tomb of Jesus in the several different Gospels. One must be wrong, no?


Hallo, please look up the idea of oral tradition. Please… in the culture of the ANE during the first century, people didn’t read.


John says that Mary Magdalene was the first to see the risen Jesus (Jn 20:1-18).

Luke says it was some women, among whom was Mary Magdalene (Lk 24:1-10).

Matthew also says it was Mary Magdalene and “the other Mary”, but doesn’t specify which saw Jesus first (Mt 28:1-10).

Mark says it was Mary Magdalene to whom the risen Jesus first appears (Mk 16:1-10).

No discrepancy here.

Care to try again?



Note: I edited my above post because I missed something in Matthew’s account and said he neglected to mention Mary Magdalene.



The bible doesn’t prove God, the bible is God’s word. God’s word is true. There is no proof for God. There is belief in His truth and His word. When you hear God’s word you know it to be true. That’s called faith.

If you come here to be smart and try to lead people on through circular arguments about proof of God’s existance you will be disappointed. As catholics, as christians, we know God’s word to be true because we have heard His word and have faith. We will not offer up proof of His existance if that’s what you’re looking for. But we can give you His word. You have to do the listening. The rest is up to you.


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