Douay Rheims Bible - Best Top 3 on Internet

Douay Rheims Bible - Best Top 3 on Internet.

I have been investigating several Douay Rheims Bible web sites.
I found several are Protestant and some are radical so called Catholic web pages who reject Pope St. John Paul II.

The best one, with easiest intuitive design, and with best resources, in my opinion is the found at Credo.
See more why I like this one best.

As for the others, they just did not meet my high standards.

For example,

I did a Web search on
“Douay Rheims Bible”
Top hit was the one below .
It is the one below, and it is definitely one that I
Can NOT recommend.

w w w . d r b o . o r g
Hit Articles tab far right,
See last section
Fr Hesse: The Mess Manifest In Rome
He was attacking the Pope, and I am thinking which Pope ?
At 27:45 to 28:50
He clarifies that he is Attacking Pope St. John Paul II
To whom he refers to as being Pagan in heart and Ignorant of Theology.

Well, Top Spot according to my stringent standards and research in my opinion is the one found in link above.

Do the rest of you want to recommend others to round out top 3 spots ?

I give my reasons for liking this one best.

Douay Rheims Bible with Study Tools , Commentary, and more.

Douay Rheims Bible with Study tools, concordance, Atlas maps, Roman Catholic - Challoner. Intuitive design format includes hyperlinks to cross references, and commentary notes. Online Douay-Rheims Bible is Faithfully Catholic. All Free.


Ps. I am having difficulty in correcting some of this, so this message might not appear just right. Sorry

By the way

(for those of you who like my questions)

Why is Jesus all Red ?

Because He is on fire with love for you ! :heart:

(including of course those who do not like my questions.)

I believe it’s run by someone who believes the papal lineage runs through cdl. Siri. The bible is perfectly fine. I use it when my son reads with me in the dim of candle light. Aside from some minor spelling errors it’s perfectly good.

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