Hi y’all,

I wanted to get your opinion on what is the best publishing version of the Douay-Rheims to purchase???
I’m looking to get one for devotional reading and prayer so I was wondering.
I know a lot of people like the Baronius Press so I want to know what about it is so great also if anyone has the pocket sized version of it.
Or what other versions may be good to look into?

Also, I am not going to listen to anyone that says “I like XX version instead because it doesn’t have the thee’s and thous” or something like that. lol

Thank y’all so much and God bless!

I like the xx…:eek: oops, sorry.

What I do know is that the buyers at EWTN are meticulous in the quality of the religious goods they sell, and this is the one they have, but I can’t tell the publisher. The binding looks first rate:

I have the Baronius Press, but it is the only one I have ever had so I can’t compare it to any other one.

I had the Baronius Douay Rheims and didn’t like it.Pages had a yellowish tint (I think they changed it now) It had a “hard” leather cover and was very bulky and difficult for me to comfortably enjoy it.This was my personal experience with it
I sold it and replaced it with the St Benedict Press one and absolutely love,love,love it,
It is a “Regular” size, (5.62" X 8.25" X 1.5") has a soft flexible leather cover,beautiful print and all the bells and whistles (Maps,references,historical and chronological indexes etc)
Also has the “words of Christ” in red,didn’t know if I would like that but found it very nice
My favorite "go to " Bible now

Landon here are some reviews I recently did on three Douay’s from Baronius:

Standard and Large:


That does look like a nice edition!

While the St. Benedict Press edition looks nice, and is more flexible, the binding is glued, and the overall build quality is not that good.

The Baronius version uses a sewn binding, and is built to last. At least IMHO. If you go for the hard cover version, it’s an even better build.

It’s a real shame we as Catholics still have no publisher that even comes close to Cambridge or Allan when it comes to Bibles.

I have a Cambridge King James Bible from when I was an Anglican. It is really nice.

I actually have, and read from quite often, a Cambridge Cameo KVJ with Apocrypha. It’s a gorgeous Bible from the calfskin cover to the india paper. I’d LOVE to see something like this in a DR or RSV from any Catholic publishing house. Alas, I feel we are stuck with either low quality Bibles, or the option to send existing ones out somewhere to a place like for rebinding etc.


So true! Most Catholic bibles are cheaply made and will not last long use. It is a sad state that one could find nicer Missals than Bibles. You mention toon Leonard’s, a place where I have had two of my Bibles rebound. If you want to get one rebound, make sure to get a Bible with sewn binding. Leonard’s did a great job with my Baronius Knox. I wouldn’t get any Bible rebound unless it were originally from Baronius or Oxford.

I don’t know if I have the cameo, but I have a pink calfskin cover with the india paper. It is a treasure.

Your blog is a favorite, and I’ve seen the rebind you had done on the Knox. Very nice! I have the Knox myself and am thinking about having it rebound as well. I’ve put if off at this point for two reasons. One, I don’t know if I want to send it away for that long as I am thoroughly enjoying the translation, and two, I actually find the hardcover to my liking for it’s size. Never thought I would say that as I really enjoy softer flexible Bibles, but I must say I do think this is one of the better I’ve seen.

On a side note. I also find the latest leather edition of the Oxford NOAB with Apocrypha to be very very well put together. It’s one of the nicest out there; and while not specifically Catholic, it is, IMO, the closest one is going to get to a high quality Catholic edition with a soft cover.

What does NOAB stand for?

New Oxford Annotated Bible (NRSV)

It is indeed really well made. May be the nicest Oxford has put out in a couple decades at least.

New Oxford Annotated Bible. (A solid study Bible).

They make an RSV and an NRSV. I prefer the RSV as I just can’t deal with the gender neutral language of the NRSV in any form. (Person preference of course). :slight_smile:


I felt the exact same way. I actually bought a cheap facsimile Knox NT to keep me busy while it was gone. I had second thoughts about even sending it since the hardcover is so well done and I would lose those lovely endpapers. But, having this beautiful Onox wrapped in goatskin is amazing.

Thanks. I will have to look for that one.

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