Double Orations at Lenten Commemorations

I think I read somewhere that during Commemorations, the Canticle Antiphon is sung/recited after the day’s Concluding Oration at the major hours. After the Antiphon, the Saint’s Oration is then prayed. I know that this is the practice in the Breviarum Romanum and Divinum Officium but does it apply to the Liturgia Horarum as well?

From 17-24 December, during the Christmas Octave and during Lent all memorials are reduced to the rank of optional memorial and can only be commemorated or ignored. At other times one can choose to only commemorate an optional memorial.

If commemorating an optional memorial at Mass the collect for the memorial is the collect used. All other orations and the lections are for the occurring ferial weekday.

At the Office of Readings after the Responsory after the Second Reading the reading of the saint whose optional memorial it is is read followed by its Responsory and then the prayer of the saint.

At Morning (Lauds) and Evening (Vespers) Prayer the conclusion of the office is omitted and the antiphon and prayer of the optional memorial are added.

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