Double standard in censorship

Well this isn’t anything new. But anyways, I was watching a horror movie with a friend last night on a cable network. The violence was despicable, we’re talking depiction of limbs being ripped off, zombies eating limbs, that’s as far I’ll go. So I figured it was unedited since it’s a cable network and it was late at night, but then the character says “I’m gonna kick your (deeper tone) butt!” His mouth obviously said the other word, but they edited it out.:shrug: What’s with the double standard. So I guess according to the censors it’s okay for our children to see zombies ripping limbs off people, but God forbid they hear a cuss word.

Anyone else tired of the double standard?

I always think it funny how some words are bleeped when others aren’t. Especially when the words left in seem little better than the ones left in. And is it odd that we censor words, but not ideas? Oh, I’m not being totolitarian here, simply just, words are just sounds, but the meanings behind them, the ideas they carry, these are what we find offensive.

Further, can you immagine if the had to blur out every depiction of violence in that film?

That being said, the word cut out wasn’t one I was aware was widely cut at all.

Its hilarous when profanity is censored by the names of fruits.

“I’m gonna strawberry you up, blueberry!”

“What in the name of peaches is going on here?!”

“Aw, banana!”

*What on **earth *are you watching?!?!?

Late night cable shows.

I have to agree here. We’re much more concerned about language when we should be more concerned about violence.

This is an old, old ploy by leftists. Let’s take the violence out but leave the profanity in because words don’t hurt anybody. Please. I hope everyone knows that Arnold Schwarzzeneger is not a robot under his skin.

And nudity. That should be censored.

Profanity has no place anywhere.


Amen. I have no desire to see anyone’s intestines, nor do I want to listen to what some people blithely assume to be ‘tough talk.’

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