Double standards?


Mother Angelica’s own mother became a nun; her body now lies at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville. Mother Angelica became her own mother’s Mother superior :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:



[quote=moedom]My sister was told that if a woman was married and then her husband died she could not become a nun since she had been married. I believe this is not true and I would need documentation to back this up. But, if it is, then she asked why is it ok for a man to become a priest after being married?


Your sister is wrong. The woman could become a nun.

There are priests who had their wife die. By the way, there are numerous married Catholic priests too.

The rule is to be single and celibate, not virgin.

Tell your sister to check Catholic sources, or at least better ones.


After I was divorced I thought seriously about becoming a nun. I had non-serious thoughts about it prior to being married, but since my life took the turn it did and I ended up divorced (and annuled), I thought hey, maybe THAT’s what I did wrong - like God was telling me “hey, you picked the wrong vocation!” :slight_smile: I contacted the vocations director in my diocese at that time and because of my age (I was over 30) and the fact that I had been married, he gave me the strong impression that I could not become a nun. It was actually a discouraging conversation. I pursued it nonetheless and went to a retreat for people considering the religious life and had a lot of questions answered by nuns (habit wearing!) from all over the country. Some of them said their orders didn’t allow previously married women, other orders would but with extra special consideration. They said the “best” time to join an order is around the age of 20, in general, but some of them had become nuns in their mid 30s. I had a very positive experience there with nuns representing all different orders.

I’m still a bit bothered by the conversation I had with the vocations director, and I can see how misinformation could be spread by people “in the know” who have certain opinions that may or may not be completely on track with what is actually allowed.


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