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I’m taking up a new full time job that is servile in nature (factory work). It’s Monday-Friday but I get double time if I’m willing to work Sunday. I recently finished high school and am entering university in the fall. I often hear about unnecessary servile work being sinful on the Lord’s Day. I just want to be responsible by giving God His due honour while at the same time not missing an opportunity if I can take advantage of it.

Should or I can I receive a dispensation from my pastor? Should I only work 4 hours instead of a full day? Or would it be best to refuse that kind of work on Sunday entirely? I would never miss Mass, and I know I would need to set aside adequate time for prayer, leisure, rest, family, and charity. I will for sure discuss this with priests I know, but am also looking for further input. Thanks!


Do you know what “servile” means?

Factory labor is usually well paid, skilled work, and they pay you double for Sunday. Slaves do not get paid at all, let alone double! Skilled work is not menial.


Try to get to mass (often available on Saturdays- check what’s available in your area) and have a rest day to recharge. That doesn’t have to be on a Sunday.


I used to work Sundays. At one point I decided, except on very rare occasions, to stop working Sundays in order to spend more time at the parish and from that point on things started going downhill at that job. I eventually left and now have a far better job. It was a several year process but I’m glad things turned out the way they did.


You don’t need a dispensation to work on Sundays.

I would suggest you look at the need you have regarding money for college. You have a limited time to earn it before school starts.


It is NOT forbidden to work on Sundays.

You may also fulfill your Sunday obligation by attending Mass on Saturday evening.


Factory work is skilled? Which factory jobs are you thinking of?



I definitely wouldn’t work on Sundays unless required by the employer, or unless I was in what’s called an essential occupation, like hospital staff or firefighter, that can’t be expected to close on Sundays. In your case you will already be putting in 40 hours M-F, so any work on Sundays would be voluntary, and this is precisely what we are to avoid.

God can’t be outdone in generosity, and He will reward you if you sacrifice a little extra money for Him. I certainly wouldn’t worry about that piece of it.

Also, the fact that the factory is open on Sundays when there is no need for it is a reflection of our society’s secularism and greed. I wouldn’t want to contribute to that if I could help it. This is also why I don’t shop for non essential things on Sundays.


All of us who work for parishes would be doomed to hell because if we are at a Mass, or on the grounds, on Sunday we ARE working.


I clean toilets :toilet: on Sunday… Sometimes you just gotta do it…


Can. 1247 On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are obliged to participate in the Mass.
Moreover, they are to abstain from those works and affairs which hinder the worship to be rendered to God, the joy proper to the Lord’s day, or the suitable relaxation of mind and body.

Unless you need to work on Sundays, it is not permitted to. Of course, your pastor can dispense or commute the obligation (can. 1245).


We are to abstain from work that hinders the worship due to God.

What you said is wrong. It is not a blanket ban on work unless it is necessary.

People are free to choose to work on Sunday provided they give due worship to God and their work does not prevent that.


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