Doubt in confession


I often struggle with how to confess doubtful sins. I have confessed doubtful sins as if I have actually done them. Does that invalidate my confession? I have read on some forums that you must note the doubt. I sometimes worry that my doubt is really me trying to justify sin so I feel better if I just list the sin with all the others. Better safe than sorry. Sometimes I think I worry too much about my confessions being good. I feel better just naming them as sins and being done with it, so I don't have to go back later and think maybe it was a sin. The sins that I am struggling with really used to be a problem for me in the past and now they are strong temptations and I sometimes don't if I gave in to the temptation. What would be the correct way for me to handle this?


We can feel for you and sympathize with your struggle, but the "correct way for you to handle" that rather convoluted problem is to discuss it with a priest, your regular confessor if you have one.

I would not dream of advising you on what to say in confession, that would be wrong of me. A priest will know what to advise about those "doubtful" sins and how to communicate what's necessary.

And, listen to the priest. After you are completely honest with him about all this confusion, take what he says at face value. Don't argue with him, question it or ruminate excessively. Get clear advice on how to confess, then do it, and let go of the rest that's extraneous.


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