Doubt/Spiritual Dryness

Hello everyone.

This past week I have been going through something of a spiritual desolation. This in regards to divinity of Christ and the reliability of the gospels. All the arguments for both of these issues checks out in my head and I get there, and yet I still feel this sense of “it’s not true”. I want to believe this and yet I don’t feel this sense of “yes it’s true, your mind and heart can be in peace.”

What is this and what must I do?

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When St. Therese of Lisieux had major doubts about the faith in her last year of life, she repeated the Apostle’s Creed over and over again. If I were you, I’d pray it several times a day, along with the Act of Faith and the Prayer to St. Michael. This is spiritual warfare and an attack by the devil.


It is called Doubt. It comes from the devil. Pray. Go to Adoration. If necessary read about Mother Theresa’s struggles. Continue to call to the Lord out of the depths you are in.

Prayers to St Michael, St Benedict, St Mother Teresa, and of course St Joseph and Our Blessed Mother would all be good.

I will pray for you.


Then go to the source of faith himself, Jesus Christ

Ask Him to show you the truth.

However, be prepared to offer yourself to Him



You see I’ve taken it to prayer. I talk out loud (in a private space) saying what’s going on. But I have a hard time when it comes to finding an answer. By that I mean do I just wait for a thought in my head or something else?


Just remain open to Him. He will reveal Himself in some way, but you have to remain open.

In other words, do as Jesus instructed the Apostles, “watch and pray.”



Don’t try to reason it out. You might want to note how when Jesus was tempted by the devil he refused to reason or debate but just quoted scripture. Never try to “reason” or argue with the evil one. Just dismiss unholy thoughts and pray and commit yourself to God.


What works for me is to contemplate God’s love.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life. (John 3:16)

If you want to be more logical/methodical about it, contemplate these three elements of faith:

  • God’s existence – How do I know that God exists?

  • God’s love – How do I know that God loves the human race, and loves me personally?

  • God’s power – How do I know that God has the power to save, to give me eternal life?

I shall be happy to elaborate, and I may do so at a later time if God is willing, but at this time it might be best for you to contemplate each of those points on your own. Pray, let God’s grace work in you, be patient, and see what happens.

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Prayer and Contemplation. Persevere. Do not set a timeline, be patient.


It may very well be a spiritual attack - that is if you do not suffer from anxiety/OCD or scrupulosity.

For spiritual attacks, there are “Catholic” spiritual warfare prayers. There are the Sacraments.

A very good practice, as I see it, is to follow Mary rather than Martha and sit at the feet of the Lord.

At adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It is the best-kept secret on earth. With patience, your consolation will be found there.


It seems like these are your central questions. Is there something specific that you read or saw making you question the Gospels?

Are you wondering about the authenticity of the Gospels, like their accuracy or authorship?

I’m just asking these to get a better sense of the source of your question. I know questions like these can lead to doubt and struggle, but I’m sure many on here will do their best to help you out.

In the meantime, this talk is very good and the book is even better:

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I examined the arguments and logically, they all make sense and I have no issue with accepting them, but yet I’m not at ease about it where I can accept it, like there’s something missing.

Lack of answer is not always a bad things. After reading St. Ignatie Brianicinov’s book “On Deceit” I realized, after seeing so many people being waved away from God by pleasing and mystical visions from the devil, that the desert is.actually a good place, better than others.
Maybe the pre-written prayers are better than your own. Because they take mind of your own worries and you end up.thanking God. Plus, God is a Majesty, He needs a place and a order to answer you. Like others have suggested praying with others in Church is helping. Also avoid dwelling in your own thoughts too much. This is why the Rosary, the LOTH, are helping because you leave your mind block on something you cannot privately just solve - the divinity of Christ. This is a big issue, many theologians argued about it, it’s not unusual that you cannot just solve it simply by asking God to show it to you. He, a ritual and a form in order to present it to you SAFELY, so you cannot be shown a trick by the Enemy.

Who doesn’t stop and question from time to time? Regarding the divinity of Christ, He died and rose from the dead. If that is not a Divine act, then what is? Take a look at the Shroud of Turin, a sign of proof for modern man. In regards to questioning the accuracy of the gospels, read John, who corrected mistakes from the previous gospels.

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Doubt comes and goes. It comes from the devil some times, and other times from our own weakness. If yours is an intellectual doubt, then I would firstly look back at the person of Jesus. As great as Moses was, the entire Jewish religion did not rest on him, even though he brought the Israelites into the Covenant.

However, Jesus was considered so great by the apostles that they just cannot stop talking about him. Even Joshua, as Moses’ successor, did not talk about Moses as much as the apostles do Jesus. There’s something going on here, and it’s almost as if they write about Jesus as much as they do the Father. There’s only one explanation for this, and Jesus Himself gave it to us when He said, “I Am”.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say John “corrected mistakes” as the Scriptures are inerrant. He included narratives about Jesus that the others didn’t.

I guess you’d have to be more specific about what you feel is missing. Also, keep in mind to read the Gospels as they relate to the Old Testament and the rest of the New Testament.

Read the Bible. Pray the Rosary. Talk to a priest.

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